League Meet:  This is our Championship Meet!  We highly encourage all available Stingrays to register for this meet!  This is a super fun big meet for the swimmers to participate in (for some of them, it is their only big meet of the season).  The more swimmers we have, the more likely we will score points to finish higher in our League--every swimmer counts!!!

Date:  Saturday, July 23rd, 2022  


  • Register online as you do for a regular dual meet
  • Registration deadline is Friday, July 15th

Time:  There is not an official opening time, but typically the gates are open at around 6:30AM.  Coaches meeting is at 7:30 and Stroke and Turn meeting is at 7:45.  The meet is scheduled to start at 8:30 and end at around 4:30.

Location:  American Canyon High School, 3000 Newell Drive, American Canyon, 94503

Team Camp:  The Team Camp Map will be available at a future date.  

Warm Ups:  Benicia will warm up from XXXX - XXXX  in lanes XXXX,


For families who have never attended an invitational or League Meet before, the check in process is a little different than for regular dual meets.   Swimmers must check in for their swim about 15-20 minutes before their event at Clerk of the Course.  This means you must be aware of who is currently swimming so you can get your swimmer to Clerk at the appropriate time.  The volunteer parents at Clerk will then guide your swimmer into rows of chairs and have them sit, in order, with their heat, until it is their turn to swim. Parents are not allowed past the check in table at Clerk of the Course (but if you have little ones, you can stand outside the roped off chair area so you can still easily see them).  When it is their turn to swim, the volunteer parents will then guide the swimmers onto the pool deck and get them to the appropriate lane to swim their event.

Volunteer Assignments:  ALL FAMILIES (even those that bought out of their regular volunteer jobs) will be assigned a volunteer job.  These will be assigned closer to the actual event.

Food:  We are not yet aware if food trucks will be there. We will have an update as we get closer to League Meet

T-shirts:  Shirts will be available for purchase

League Meet Power Breakfast:  

Swim Marshalls:  A friendly reminder regarding safety at League Meet: Parents, please respect the Marshalls at the meet.  The Marshalls are parent volunteers placed throughout the meet so that the swimmers can get to/from the blocks in a timely and safe manner.  They are also stationed in fire lanes and by the bleachers to ensure that no one is standing in front of the bleachers impeding vision of those in the bleachers.  Parents are not allowed behind the blocks.  Please treat the Marshalls with respect and understand that they are just completing their assigned job.