Team Suits





Team Suits will be ordered by you, directly from the Stingrays' Team Online Store at Elsmore Swim Shop.  The suits will be delivered to the team and handed out at practice in mid May.  Please order your suits as soon as possible to ensure the suits arrive in time for Time Trials and our team photos.  The latest you can order the suits will be Wednesday, April 6th.  You are not required to order a team suit, but it is highly encouraged. 


If you know your swimmer's size, the suits are posted and ready to be ordered.  If you are unsure of which size suit to order, your swimmer is highly encouraged to attend our Team Suit Fittings, which will take place on Monday, March 21st, 2022 from 4:30-6:30pm at James Lemos Pool.


If you are unable to make this fitting time, you can also go directly to the brick and mortar store for an in person fitting at:  Elsmore Swim Shop, 2054 Treat Blvd Suite D, Walnut Creek.