We are required to follow all health and safety guidelines that the county and city put forth.  Currently they have not put any restrictions on our season.  This could change depending on the state of COVID-19 during the 2022 Spring/Summer season.

We are asking that families do everything possible to keep our season safe and going strong.  We are relying on you to do the right thing to minimize the spread of COVID-19 amongst our swimmers.


  • If there is a city or county indoor mask ordinance, then we are required to wear masks inside of the lobby and locker rooms.  

  • If your swimmer has a fever, cough, cold, or shows any symptoms of being ill, please do not send them to practice.  

  • If a swimmer or anyone in the immediate family tests positive for COVID, or has been in direct contact with someone that has tested positive, please follow the recommended CDC guidelines.  If a swimmer has tested positive for COVID, and has quarantined for 5 days, the swimmer may then return to practice IF they have tested negative after day 5.  If they still test positive after day 5, or you elect to not re-test them, please keep them home for the full 10 day quarantine.  

  • The coaches and board can not be responsible for policing all families on this matter.  We will not be responsible for enforcing vaccines or tests.  We are relying on families to do the right thing for the good of the team.  If families have immunocompromised individuals or are at particularly high risk for complications from COVID, we ask that you decide for yourself if registering from swim team this year is the right thing for your family.  



City/County/State Mandated Shutdowns:   We do not see this happening, but if there is a sudden turn with the state of COVID (or any other disaster), and we are required to end our season, we will do our best to provide refunds with the following schedule (as a team, we still have fixed expenses that must be met, even if the season is cut short):

  • Season is canceled before the start of the season:  100% refund minus our credit card processing fees
  • Season is canceled after the start of the season but before Time Trials:  75% refund minus credit card processing fees
  • Season is canceled after Time Trials but before June 9th:  50% refund minus credit card processing fees
  • Season is canceled after 6/9 but before 7/1:  25% refund minus credit card processing fees
  • Season is canceled after July 1:  No refunds

The above refund schedule is only for mandated shut downs.  They do not apply to individual families who have a change of heart or decide to withdraw their swimmer due to personal illness, beliefs, etc.