Family participation is essential to the success of the Benicia Stingrays Swim Team.  Each meet requires 65+ volunteers to run smoothly.  We require all families with swimmers ages 4-14 to fulfill volunteer requirements.  The volunteer requirements can be fulfilled by serving your required hours at regular meets and social events, serving a "core volunteer position", serving on the Board, or by “buying out” of your requirements.  The required volunteer hours fulfill requirements for the regular meets/season only.  Invitational meets/special meets (ECI/Battle/etc and League Meet and County Championships) have separate volunteer requirements that must be fulfilled by all participating families at those meets, whether you have bought out of your regular volunteer requirements or serve a core volunteer/board member position.


Please note that you can not sign up for volunteer jobs until your registration has been confirmed and finalized.  This will take 48-72 hours after you have submitted your registration application.  Once you receive the confirmation email, you may then sign up for your volunteer jobs.  The meet job signups are ready to go.  The social job signups will be posted closer to the actual events and you will receive NewsSplashes announcing when the job signups are available.  


Volunteer Deposit:  This is separate from “buying out” of your volunteer hours.  The very first time you register for swim team, you will be asked to pay a $100 volunteer deposit.  This will carry over from season to season and is refundable to you when you officially leave the team.  If you miss a job you signed up to volunteer for, the volunteer deposit will be taken from you (so that we can hire a last minute sub to fill your job) and it must be re-paid ASAP before your swimmer will be allowed to return to future practices or meets. 


Required Volunteer Hours:  All families with swimmers between the ages of 4-14 are required to volunteer at 4 regular meets (see Meet Volunteer Jobs) and 2 social events (such as Lapapalooza, other fundraisers, Family Fun Night, Awards Ceremonies, etc) OR sign up for a Core Volunteer Position, OR serve a Board Member Position.  All regular meet volunteer and social event jobs are reserved online under the Events and Meets tab.  The requirements are per family, not per swimmer (two or more swimmers does not double or triple your volunteer requirements).  Families with ONLY 15 and older swimmers are exempt from all family volunteer requirements.   If you have a 15-18 swimmer AND a younger swimmer, you are required to fulfill the volunteer job requirement.  If you are interested in serving as a Core Volunteer, please email Jessika Lee or Wendy Buresh at [email protected].  If you are interested in a board position, please email [email protected] or [email protected].


Job Buy Out:  If you choose, at the beginning of the season, to not fulfill your volunteer requirements, you may “buy out” of your requirements by paying $400 at registration.  This is in addition to the volunteer deposit that you must pay the very first time you register for swim team.  Buying out of regular season volunteer hours does not buy you out of volunteer requirements for invitational/special meets. 


Job Substitutes:  If you do not want to completely buy out of your volunteer requirements, but are not able to fulfill all 4 meets, you may hire job substitutes to fulfill your job for you at individual meets.  You may also have a friend/family member over 16 years of age work your hours for you.  You are welcome to contact individuals listed on the job sub list and pay them directly to work your shift.  It is your job to make and confirm all of these arrangements.  To sign a job substitute up to work for you, sign up for a job as usual.  There will be a prompt to fill in if someone other than a parent is working the job.  List the name of the family member/job sub working for you and make sure this person checks in with Jessika Lee or Wendy Buresh (volunteer coordinators) at the meet so you get credit for fulfilling those hours. 


Regular Meet and Social Event Job Sign Ups:  To sign up for a meet or social event volunteer job, make sure to first log in to the website.  Click on the “Events and Meets” tab.  The meets and events will then be listed.  Find the meet/event you are interested in volunteering at.  Click the “Job Signup” button and select your shift(s).  Make sure to save your selection at the bottom of the page. 


Invitational Meet Job Assignments:  Jobs for Invitational Meets/League/County Championships will be assigned to you a few days before the event.  You do not sign up for these jobs.  ALL participating families will be assigned jobs, even if you have bought out of your regular meet volunteer requirements or you serve as a core volunteer/board member.


Penalties for Missing a Job:  If you or your hired job sub misses a volunteer job without finding a suitable replacement, $100 will be taken from your $100 work deposit and you will receive an email notice.  Swimmers will be restricted from practices and meets until a new $100 deposit is paid. 

If you have difficulty fulfilling your required volunteer hours at our regular meets, please email Jessika Lee and Wendy Buresh at [email protected] and they can work with you to find ways to fulfill your requirements in other ways. 


If you are short on volunteer hours at the end of the season, you will be billed for every event that you are short.  If you fail to pay the balance of what you owe, your swimmers will not be allowed to register for future seasons until the balance is paid.  Please check in early in the season with Jessika or Wendy if you are having difficulties with the volunteer requirements so that we can work with you to avoid financial penalties.