The Lakota Stingrays Swim Team represents the Lakota Family YMCA, located at 6703 Yankee Road, in Liberty Township. The mission of the Lakota Family YMCA Stingrays swimming program is to provide young people with the opportunity to excel in the sport of competitive swimming in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Christian principles are used to teach team members the value of hard work, commitment, discipline, and team work. Swimmers are taught a variety of new skills and given the chance to refine those skills as they progress through the program. Competition at local swim meets is encouraged however we strive to maintain a low-pressure and fun atmosphere. Our coaching staff has a passion for swimming and we are dedicated to helping our swimmers develop that same love for the sport. For more information contact head coach Kody Detter at [email protected]

Requirement: To fully staff meets and other activities, each family must complete a minimum of 4 volunteer credits during the season.

Volunteer Fee: Unfortunately, we have had experiences in the past with parents not meeting their obligations. To defray costs resulting from shortfalls in participation, we now collect a $100.00 volunteer fee at registration. Volunteer shifts are recorded and at the end of the season, volunteer fees are returned to families that meet the requirement. The fees of any family not fulfilling its duties will become revenue of the team. Fees cannot be pro-rated for 1, 2, or 3 volunteer shifts, but are retained or returned in the full amount.

Signing Up:   To volunteer for an event, go to the Events tab on the website, find the meet or activity name, and click on the "Job Signup" button.  You must be signed into your family account to access the sign-up function.  Follow the instructions at the top of the page.  Make sure you click on the "signup" button when you are finished.  Your name should now appear under the job you selected.

If you are unable to work personally, it is acceptable to have a friend or family member work in your place.  Some families have paid older swimmers or friends to work in their place.  All workers must be at least 14 years of age.

Showing Up:  You will not be called to confirm your job.  If an emergency occurs, you are responsible for finding a replacement and calling the Volunteer Coordinator to inform them of what is happening.  If you do not find a replacement, are unable to contact the Volunteer Coordinator, and the team is forced to find a replacement for you, you will automatically forfeit your volunteer fee for the season.

It is critical that all workers report on time and sign-in when arriving at the meet.  If you arrive late, you may not receive credit for that session.  If the meet has begun without you, chances are we have already found a replacement for your position and you risk losing your volunteer fee.

Leaving Early:  You must work the entire session to receive credit.  If you need to leave before your session ends you may do so only if you have arranged for a replacement.  Our website provides approximate times when sessions end.  The sessions are not bound to that exact timeline, so plan accordingly.  Sessions may end before or after the times listed on the web.



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