The Lakota Stingrays Swim Team represents the Lakota Family YMCA, located at 6703 Yankee Road, in Liberty Township. The mission of the Lakota Family YMCA Stingrays swimming program is to provide young people with the opportunity to excel in the sport of competitive swimming in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Christian principles are used to teach team members the value of hard work, commitment, discipline, and team work. Swimmers are taught a variety of new skills and given the chance to refine those skills as they progress through the program. Competition at local swim meets is encouraged however we strive to maintain a low-pressure and fun atmosphere. Our coaching staff has a passion for swimming and we are dedicated to helping our swimmers develop that same love for the sport. For more information contact head coach Kody Detter at [email protected]

USA Swimming is the National Governing Body of Swimming in the United States.  There are many USA Swimming registered clubs in Southwest Ohio and most of the YMCA’s we compete against are members of USA Swimming.  You can find more information about this organization at  There are many advantages to being a member of USA Swimming, including the opportunity to participate in a wider variety of swim meets.  There is also a nearly endless supply of resources available to USA Swimming members.  These range from nutrition advice to insights on how top level athletes have progressed from age group swimmers to National Team members.  All swimmers who train with the Elite group will be required to join USA Swimming when they register.  All other swimmers have the option of joining if they choose.  The fee for this is $80 (already built in to fees for Elite and Plus groups).  There will be certain meets we attend this fall/winter that are only open to USA Swimming registered swimmers.  There will still be plenty of meets for those swimmers who choose not to join at this time. If you have any questions or concerns about USA Swimming or whether you should join, please contact Coach Tom at [email protected]