Willowdale families,
Below, please find the updated Willowdale Swim club pool rules below. They will be posted at the club. Please note the update that children age 11 and older are able to be at the pool unsupervised with a high band and a completed emergency contact form on file.  
For the 2023 season only, member children aged 10 and older will be allowed at the pool unsupervised with a high band and emergency contact form on file as we appreciate the change in age may be an inconvenience to some members without advanced notice.
Summer 2024 and beyond the minimum age of 11 will be in effect.  
Member children of age to attend the club unsupervised do so as a privilege but this is not a right and can be revoked.  We will apply a 2 strike policy where behavior issues will be communicated to parents, the first incident will result in warning, the second revocation of the ability to enter the club unsupervised.  Please note that all children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult or a member 15 years of age or older to enter the club.
Thank you and we look forward to a safe and happy 2023 Summer!



Willowdale Swim Club

Rules and Regulations

(Revised December 2022)

The following rules have been established to assure the safe and sanitary operation  of the Willowdale Swim Club pool and facilities and may be revised or additional  rules established by the Board of Trustees at any time.  

All members are requested to familiarize themselves, their children, and guests  with these rules and to caution their children and guests to obey them and the  direction of the Club management and staff. Failure to comply with these rules  may be considered sufficient cause for suspension of pool privileges. All  grievances concerning these rules should be submitted to the Board of Trustees in  writing for discussion and possible revision.  

The Club Manager (and in his absence the Assistant Manager) has full authority  and responsibility to enforce these regulations. Any questions concerning these  rules should be directed to the Club Manager.  

I. Club Operations  

A. Club Manager: The Club Manager is in full charge of the swimming pool  and recreational facilities. He is charged with the enforcement of all rules  and is empowered to make decisions concerning disciplinary actions. In his  absence, the Assistant Manager assumes the above responsibilities. Any  questions concerning the rules should be directed to the Club Manager.  

B. Club Hours:  

1. The Club is open on the weekends from Memorial Day until the end of  the Cherry Hill school year (usually mid-June) and every day from then  until Labor Day. Details on hours of operation are posted on the Bulletin Board. 

2. The full pool is reserved for swim team use on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and each weekday evening, as needed, for swim team practice. On designated Saturdays, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and on designated Wednesday evenings, from 5:00 p.m. to closing, the pool will be reserved for swim meets (consult Bulletin Board).  

3. The Club may be closed at specified times because of social events (consult Bulletin Board).  

4. The Club Manager and/or the Board of Trustees may close the Club at any time they deem necessary for emergencies, inclement weather, etc.  

II. Club Admission  

A. Check-In: ALL members must stop and identify themselves to the checker upon entering the club. 

B. Attendance at the Club by Children 

1. A parent, other adult, or paid babysitter over the age of 15 must accompany children under 11.  

2. Children age 11 and up may enter the Club grounds without an adult only after they have passed the advanced swimming test and a Family Emergency Information Form is on file at the Club.   

3. All families with children under 18 must have a Family Emergency Information Form on file at the club.  

III. Guests  

Willowdale Swim Club members are welcome to bring guests to the Club. The following policies have been in place for many years and are designed to allow members to bring guests to the Club, but not to circumvent the ability of the Club to derive fair revenue from those who use the Club.  

A. Guests who live in the club area (Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington Counties) and who do not belong to a Tri-County Swim Club may visit the club only three times during any summer regardless of the host. If your friends or neighbors enjoy visiting our club more frequently, please encourage them to join. Willowdale’s associate membership is an exceptional value.  

B. Guests who belong to a Tri-County Swim Club in Camden, Gloucester, or Burlington Counties, may visit the club as a guest without restrictions. 


C. Grandparents of member children and grandchildren of members are free.  Adult children of members who do not reside with the member pay regular guest fees.  

D. Paid babysitters in street clothes may use the Club as required to maintain proper supervision of children at no fee.  

E. Members who bring guests to the tennis courts when the club is open are required to pay guest fees for those guests. Members who have paid for a key to the tennis courts may bring guests when the club is closed without paying a guest fee.  

F. All guests must be registered and accompanied at all times by a member of the Club who will be responsible for the guest.  

     G. Members shall, at all times, be held liable for the actions of their guests.  

H. Guest policy abuse is grounds for suspension of club privileges in accordance with the by-laws. Please comply with the guest policy.  

I. Guest Fees  

Weekdays: $7



J. Guest passes expire: They may be used in the season of issue or the following season. They may not be carried over for more than one season.  

IV. Safety  

A. NO GLASS OBJECTS of any kind are permitted in the Club.  

B. Lifeguards are present for your safety. Do not talk to them while they are on duty. Always obey their instructions.  

C. Congregating near the checker stand, lifeguards, or manager’s office is prohibited.  

D. Running, pushing, dunking, or rough play will not be permitted in the pool area.  

E. Proper swimming attire must be worn in the pool. No cut-off jeans are to be worn in the pool.  

F. Rafts, inflatable objects, toys, water guns, masks, fins, and snorkels are not permitted in the main pool, except as permitted by the Manager (such as for Raft Night). Safe balls may be used at the Lifeguard’s or Manager’s discretion only.  

G. Inflatable swim aides, life jackets, etc. are NOT EVER permitted in the main pool.  

H. Diving: There is no diving from the sides of the pool, except in the designated 6-foot deep section. Obey “NO DIVING” signs on the edges of the pool.  

I. No hanging or standing on lane lines or pool divider lines.  

J. Use of starting blocks is prohibited except during swim team meets and practices.  

K. Conduct which endangers the safety and comfort of others shall be prohibited.  

L. Use of the pool is prohibited during an electrical storm.  

M. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be prohibited from entering the water.  

V. Diving Board and Slide  

A. Diving Board 

1. Only persons capable of swimming and diving are permitted to use the Diving board.  

2. Only one person on the diving board at a time.  

3. Do not dive until the person in front of you is at the ladder.  

4. After diving, go immediately to the nearest ladder and exit the pool.  

5. Only one bounce is permitted on the diving board.  

6. Each diver must go straight off the diving board  

7. Positively no running on the diving board.  

8. There must be a lifeguard at the diving well to use the diving board. 

9. Children under 13 must have Advanced swim band to use diving board.  

10.Parents of children who do NOT have their Advanced swim band can NOT take their child into the Diving Well.  

B. Slide (in Diving Well) 

1. Only persons who have passed the Advanced Test or who are over age 13 are permitted to use slide.  

2. Do not slide until the person in front of you is at the ladder. 

3. After sliding, go directly to closest ladder, DO NOT CROSS IN FRONT OF DIVING BOARD.  

4. Only one person is permitted on the slide at a time.  

5. The slide can only be used in the seated position, face forward. NO SLIDING FACE FIRST PERMITTED.  

6. There must be a lifeguard at the diving well stand to use the slide. 

7. Parents of children who do NOT have their Advanced swim band can NOT take their child into the Diving Well.  


VI. Swimming Band Tests (for Children through age 12)  

A. A child’s ability to swim determines what portion of the pool the child may use.  

B. One of two different color bands will be awarded to the child passing a band test, depending on whether the child passes the Basic Test or Advanced Test. The following tests determine which portion of the pool the child may use:  

Basic Test: This test allows the swimmer to use the main pool, but not the diving well. To pass this test, the child must swim 1 length of the pool freestyle. The child must also tread water for 60 seconds.  

Advanced Test: This test allows the child to use any part of the pool, including the diving well. To pass this test, the child must swim 2 lengths of the pool freestyle. The child must also tread water for 60 seconds and jump or dive from the diving board.   

C. SWIM BANDS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Children who have not yet passed one of the band tests may only use the shallow area of the main pool or the baby pool, and must be accompanied at all times while at the pool by a parent, other adult, or responsible 13-year-old. These children may use the restricted areas of the pool (excluding the Diving Well) only when accompanied by a parent or guardian IN THE WATER WITH THE CHILD. 

D. You may only test for your band once each day. 


E. If you are 13 or older you do not need to take a band test to use the pool; however, access to the Diving Well is at the discretion of the Lifeguard or Manager.  



VII. Wading (“Baby”) Pool Area  

A. The use of the baby pool shall be limited to children six years of age or younger. If any person defecates in the main pool or baby pool, the family shall be responsible for the cost of cleanup, unless the pool manager is notified immediately.  

B. No child under six (6) is permitted in the baby pool without adult supervision.  

C. Lifeguards are not responsible for supervision of children at the baby pool.  D. Dirt or sand may not be placed in the baby pool.  


E. Toys and inflatable objects may be used in the baby pool but cannot interfere with the safe use of the baby pool by others.  

VIII. Playground Equipment  

A. Children under age six (6) must be supervised by a parent or adult at all times.  

B. The Club is not responsible for supervision of children on or around the playground equipment.  

C. Shoes must be worn on or around the playground equipment.  

D. Parents must instruct their children on the safe use of the playground equipment.  

IX. Cleanliness and Health  

A. Persons with skin infections, abrasions, excessive sunburn, open blisters, cuts, or bandages may be denied admission to the pool.  

B. Do not enter the water if you are experiencing or recovering from diarrhea or have had any signs or symptoms of gastrointestinal (stomach) disease in the past seven days.  

    C. A shower after strenuous activity is mandatory before using the pool. 

    D. All accidents resulting in injury must be reported to the Club management. 

E. Smoking is prohibited at Willowdale Swim Club.

    F. No pets are permitted on the Club grounds, except for service animals.  

G. All trash must be placed in the containers provided. Please place recyclables in the black recycling buckets.  The maintenance of the club is all of our responsibility, and the expectation is that members leave the club area as they found it.

H. Children under 13 years of age may be required to leave the pool if they show signs of fatigue.  

X. Care and Use of Club Property  

A. The cost of any property damage to the Club will be charged to the responsible member.  

B. The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.  

C. All personal property left at the Club after closing day becomes the property of the Club.  

     D. No tables or chairs may be reserved.  


XI. Food and Refreshments  

A. All foods, including candy and ice cream, must be consumed at the Snack Bar area or other specified areas. Only drink may be taken away from these areas. GLASS CONTAINERS ARE PROHIBITED.  

B. No food, ice cream, or drink is permitted on the pool deck.  

C. NO GUM CHEWING is permitted on club property.  

D. No smoking is allowed on club property.

E. Members are to clean up after themselves in the Snack Bar and patio areas.  

XII. Tennis Courts  

A. Details on the rules and regulations regarding the tennis courts are in the  “Tennis Court Book” at the front desk. This includes specific rules for the use of the tennis backboard.  

B. Sign up sheets will be maintained at the front desk, in the “Tennis Court  Book.” All signups will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and will be entered into the book in the presence of a member of the pool staff.  At least one member of each playing group must be present for the sign-in.  The name of each member of a playing group must appear on the sign-up sheet. Times for signing up are in the book.  


C. Play period is limited to one hour per day per member. The circumstances under which a second hour may be played are outlined in the “Tennis Court Book.”  


D. Players must relinquish the court as soon as their hour has expired.  

E. Reservations will be forfeited if the players are ten (10) minutes late.  Please call and cancel your hours if you cannot use the court when scheduled.  

F. Playing hours are from 7:00 a.m. until dark or 9:00 p.m. weather conditions permitting.  

G. Tennis shoes must be worn at all times on the courts.  

H. Guests may play doubles with at least one member, providing that their guest fees for that day have been paid. A guest may play singles with a member only if a court is open and there are no other members waiting to play. Members who have purchased a key for access to the tennis courts directly from the parking lot may bring guests without paying a fee only when the club is closed. This includes mornings before opening time during the season. However, guests must leave when the club opens, or pay guest fees. The key fee will be charged annually; notification of the amount of this fee will be sent to members.  

XIII. Parking Lot and Bicycle Rules  

A. Bicycles will be allowed only in designated areas. All bicycles must be locked and cannot be left at the club overnight. Bicycles must be walked to the bike rack within the Club.  

B. All cars must proceed slowly and carefully in driveways, streets, and parking area.  

C. No parking is permitted at the pool entrance or in the staff parking area.  

D. The Club is not responsible for any vehicle accidents. All cars should be locked; the Club is not responsible for lost or stolen objects.  


XIV. Lost and Found  

A. A Lost and Found area will be maintained (check with Front Desk for location).  

B. Unclaimed towels and/or clothes will become the property of the Club after seven (7) days. All personal property left at the Club after closing day becomes the property of the Club. 


XV. General  

A. All members, guests, and visitors (including children) using the Club’s facilities and parking area do so at their own risk.  

    B. Admission will be refused to anyone under suspension.  

C. The Club Manager is granted full authority to temporarily suspend pool privileges for rule violations, pending Board approval.  

D. Rest periods, or Adult Swims, may be called at the Manager’s discretion.  This pool time is reserved for those 16 years of age and older.  

E. All parties must be scheduled through the Club Manager. The Manager may approve parties up to 15 people without Board action; Board approval is required for larger parties. All non-member guests of a party must pay a  

guest fee. Parties are permitted only during regular Club hours   unless approved by the Board.  

F. A lap lane is provided for lap swimmers only.  


H. The Board may suspend any rules during special occasions.