Tri-County Pools


Pool Lengths

All pools are 25 meters with the following exceptions, which include time conversions to 25 meters:

Pool Length Conversion
Baraboo (Outdoor) 24 yd, 1 ft Time x 1.1
Baraboo (Indoor) 25 yd Time x 1.116
Mt. Horeb 35 yd Time x 0.72
Sun Prairie HS (Indoor) 25 yd Time x 1.116
Wisconsin Dells 22.5 yd Time x 1.32



The following links give the address, driving directions from Sun Prairie, and a Google interactive map:

Baraboo Riptide (Outdoor Pool)

Baraboo Riptide (Indoor Pool)

Cross Plains Stingrays

Mazomanie Barracudas

Mount Horeb Gators

Sauk Prairie Pool Sharks

Spring Green Dolphins

Sun Prairie Piranhas

Wisconsin Dells Dolphins