The Coves Swim Team originated in 1973 to provide our neighborhood children an opportunity to compete in swimming. Since it's inception, the team has been associated with the national USA Swimming organization and is one of eleven teams in the Northland Swim Conference. We typically have 6 dual swim meets (3 home, 3 away) and a conference championship meet between early June and late July. 

All children between the ages of 4 to 18 who live in the Coves or Coves North neighborhoods as well as all grandchildren of Coves and Coves North residents are eligable to join our team.  We do have an "Interested Swimmer" policy to allow non residents to join our team.  This may be enacted by the board on a year by year basis.  

The swim program is designed to provide opportunities to develop young people physically and to provide instruction in water sports and safety. Team members learn to set goals and dedicate themselves to accomplishing those goals. Responsibility, community spirit and team work are emphasized in order to develop a high level of self-esteem in each child.

The swim team also improves and enhances the family unit by involving the parents. The swim team program utilizes many parents to staff the swim meets as timers, judges, coordinators and record keepers. Children and parents enjoy the swim team and the swim meets as a time for competition and socialization.

If you have younger kids, check out our Little Crocs Swim Program. 

The Coves Swim Team is one of our neighborhood's greatest assets! It is a source of neighborhood identity and pride.