2020 Coves Swim Board

Position Name Email
President Poppy Lee [email protected]
Vice President (facilities) Stephanie Schieber [email protected]
Secretary Stacy Oetting [email protected]
Treasurer Ann McCoy [email protected]
Spirit Wear Miranda Stark [email protected]
Job Coordinator Kellie Werner [email protected]
Officials Jason Hipper [email protected]
Table Workers Jennifer Keane [email protected]

Coves Swim Team Board Election Guidelines (if needed)

  • Board positions will only be voted on at the end of season awards banquet.
  • The president will select a nominating committee of 3 current board members to recommend a slate of officers.
  • An email to the team announcing the election will be conducted by the nominating committee immediately after its appointment by the president.
  • Anyone wanting to run for a board position must submit a bio and the board position desired to the nominating committee the Monday before the end of season banquet.
  • The nominating committee will email the parents of the team all the candidates’ bios and the position they are running for on the Wednesday before the banquet.
  • Candidates may only run for ONE board position.
  • Voting will take place at the awards banquet from 5:30-6pm.
  • Candidates will not be able to campaign to the parents during the banquet as this is for the kids.
  • Each parent will get ONE vote by being present at the banquet and casting their vote prior to the time allotted for the election.  No more than 2 votes per household are allowed.
  • The nominating committee will check off the names as parents cast their votes.
  • The nominating committee will select 2 parents (non board members) to count the votes.
  • The ballot counters will announce the new board members at the conclusion of the banquet.