All orders for team suits, caps and apparel must be submitted no later than May 1. 

We recommend a minimum of one TGL suit per swimmer, and a minimum of 2 caps for each child. You will likely wear the caps for practices and meets, whereas you will most likely have practice suits and save your TGL suit for meets. Caps can simply have the TGL logo on them or be personalized with your last name which helps you to identify you child in the water!

Another popular item with the kids: the flannel pants! Those along with a sweatshirt are great ideas for the early and late meets.

New this year to show your support for TGL, there are parent shirts, long sleeves, and hats, check them out!

Order online at  or call Swimmer’s Edge at  630-985-2334. You can always visit them for a suit fitting.

Swimmer’s Edge

7532 Janes Ave.

Woodridge, IL 60517