In case of inclement weather, the Tall Grass Lightning Swim Team will conduct practices and meets under the following action steps:

  • TGL will communicate information regarding practice cancellations via email and Facebook ASAP.
  • Rain does not cancel TGL swim team practice.
  • Part or all of practice may be canceled for thunder and/or lightning.
    • Delays will be a minimum of 30 minutes after lightning is detected in the immediate area.
  • Temperature--
    • There is no hard rule on postponing or canceling swim practice or meets due to the outside air temperature.
    • Should you feel that your swimmer will be too cold before, during, or after practice/meet, you are the parent and can always advise as to the best wishes for your TGL swimmer.
    • The TG pool heater is set to 84 degrees.

Here's to hoping for sunny skies all season long! 

Go Lightning!