March 15 Early Bird Cary Park Swim Club Registration Deadline Coming Soon! Join Now!

Cary Park Sea Dragons Swim Team
Mar 10, 2019

Early Bird Cary Park Swim Club and Sea Dragon Registrations in March 2019!

Join Cary Park Swim Club paid and postmarked by March 15 for lower rates!!
Don't procrastinate - No exceptions will be made for the Early Bird membership rates if you miss March 15 for payment and postmark!

Cary Park Sea Dragon swimmer registration to open in March! Accounts will be approved after active Cary Park Swim Club family membership has been confirmed with Elite Management.

* Cary Park Swim Club
Family Membership
Cary Park        - Early Bird - $380     Full - $450
Non-Cary Park - Early Bird - $525     Full - $620