During the first 2 weeks of the season, prior to the June 1 registration deadline, CPSD Coaches will conduct evaluations of all swimmers to ensure appropriate placement onto the Cary Park Sea Dragons or Cary Park Mini Sea Dragons. The goal of evaluations is to protect the safety of all children participating in the summer swimming program.

Swimmers who should be evaluated:
* swimmers ages 8 and under who are new to the Sea Dragons' team
* returning Mini Sea Dragons
* any age swimmer(s) whose parents request evaluation
* coach recommendation for evaluation

Evaluations are designed to assess the current skill level of each swimmer.  Evaluations are not designed to teach children to swim.  Evaluations are intended to allow coaches to use the current skill level of each swimmer in order to recommend swimmer placement keeping safety as an utmost priority.

An Evaluation SignupGenius is used to allow parents to self-select an evaluation slot. Within this signupgenius, only one day/date is usually shown, with various designated time slots. Parents should select a time slot that is convenient for them, and their Swimmers should continue to come daily Monday thru Thursday for that same self-selected evaluation time slot until notified otherwise.


Swimmers are expected to simply come daily during their self-selected time slot, and thus daily progress emails will NOT be sent.  However, Families of Swimmers in Evaluations will be notified when there is a Status Update (Change) most often described in these 3 scenarios:
1) that their swimmer(s) may join the appropriate Cary Park Sea Dragon age group practice,
2) that their swimmer(s) are eligible for placement on the Mini Sea Dragon team, or

3) whether the swimmer(s) are recommended to return next season when his/her swimming skill level is more advanced.

Please feel free to contact Coaches or Board of Directors with any questions you may have.