Cary Park Sea Dragon Information

2022 Swim Season -Registration not open until Mid-February - stay tuned.





Swim Team Registration - Will remain open through June 3rd

Registration for the summer 2022 season is on-line only. We will only accept payment via credit card.

All registrations for Cary Park Sea Dragons first REQUIRES:

Cary Park Swim Club Family Membership - Applied, Paid, and Confirmed

Go to under Swim Club for access to the Swim Club Registration Instructions.

Early-bird registration for discounted Cary Park Swim Club Pool membership rates closes March 15th (paid and postmarked).

Through May 15th, CPSD Refunds may be granted for swimmer withdrawal minus $10 per swimmer. After Swim Season begins and through June 3rd, Refunds may be granted for swimmers who do not make the Cary Park Sea Dragons or Mini Sea Dragons, or who otherwise decide to decline their Sea Dragon membership, minus a 20% processing fee per swimmer.

If you are a returning family, DO NOT create a new account - please register through your existing account.  Contact us if you had an account previously and have been inactive.

Whether you're a returning family or a new family joining our team, the registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes. You will be requested to pay during the last step of the registration process. At the conclusion of the registration process and upon team admin approval, you will be granted access to your own private account for the team.

Your private account is your one-stop-shop for maintaining your contact information, declaring for swim meets, signing up for jobs, interactively tracking your kids’ times, and much more. We look forward to having you a part of our incredible swim team.


Cary Park Swim Club Membership

In order to participate on the Cary Park Swim Team, you must be members in good standing of the Cary Park Swim Club. Swimmers must have active pool memberships in order to begin swim team practice on May 17th, so join the pool early. If a swimmer is not an active member of the pool, they will NOT be allowed to practice. The application form is available at under the Swim Club Tab


Cary Park Sea Dragon Communications

We make our best effort to communicate efficiently with our swim team members regarding all swim team related events, including both swim meets and social events.  Please check our website often for the latest announcements and events.  We use twitter also for live event information such as weather delays at swim meets.


Twitter - @CPSeaDragons

​Email - [email protected]


Required Volunteer Service Points Sign-Up

Cary Park Sea Dragons depends on our parents and family volunteers entirely to have a successful summer swim season for each and every swimmer.  Volunteer sign-up will be done online this year. Each family is RESPONSIBLE for volunteering for a specified number of “points” during the season. This is REQUIRED in order for your swimmers to participate in team practices and any swim meets.  The volunteer jobs will be listed on the web site along with the number of points they represent. You will receive a more detailed email in April explaining how to sign up for the positions.

Parent Volunteer Participation Policy 

Upon swimmer(s) registration for Cary Park Sea Dragons, your family is under obligation to complete 12 Volunteer Service points over the course of the summer swim season. These points are monitored to assure our swim team community can together run a successful season for our children. These points do not carry over into following years. Half (6) of the points must be signed up for and earned by the 3rd meet of the season. Failure to fulfill this vital obligation will result in the removal of the entire family's swimmer(s) from the Cary Park Sea Dragons (ability to practice, participate in swim meets or social events, or any other Sea Dragon activities) and jeopardize the following year's eligibility to even return to the swim team at all.

Furthermore, failure to meet this Required 12 Point Volunteer Service commitment, which every Family signed agreement to (with your swimmer(s)' registration and with the Parent FAQ paperwork), will result in your swimmer(s)' season awards being held until the commitment is resolved with our VP of Volunteers. No refunds will be given in these situations.

The ONLY Exemptions from  Required Volunteer Points are if you have ONLY a Mini Sea Dragon or ONLY a 15+ swimmer.

Any questions, feel free to email the VP of Volunteers.

The Cary Park Sea Dragons Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any Family/Swimmer(s)' from the Cary Park Sea Dragons Swim Team for any reason, including but not limited to, failure to meet your obligated 12 Points Volunteer Service Requirement, Violation(s) of the Sportsmanship and Good Behavior Code of Conduct, or other actions that impede or inconvenience the ability for the Sea Dragons Swim Team to function properly.  Suspensions or Dismissals will be executed without refunds.

******Changes can be made to this policy at anytime, as needed.*********

Sea Dragons and Mini Sea Dragons

Cary Park Sea Dragons is our competitive summer swim team including swimmers up to age 18 who can swim the length of the pool (25 yards) multiple times unassisted as evaluated by the coaches.  Our Cary Park Mini Sea Dragons is our pre-competitive summer swim team, which includes our swimmers ages 8 and under who need some additional training but who can swim at least 10 yards of the pool independently and are able to get his or her own breath while swimming. Mini Sea Dragons are placed after being Evaluated during the first 2 weeks of the swim season.



Practice begins on Monday, May 16th. Practices will be offered Monday through Thursday afternoons through the last day of school for the Wake County traditional calendar. Beginning the Monday after the last day of traditional school, June 10, 2022, practices will be offered Monday through Thursday afternoons as well as Monday through Friday mornings. Swimmers are not encouraged to attend both morning and afternoon – Please just pick one or the other. Saturday practices will be offered beginning May 21st and will continue throughout the season. For more information regarding practice times and structure, please click on the “ Practice” tab.


Swim Meets --2022 (Official TSA Schedule)

Summer 2022: The Cary Park Sea Dragons participate in the TSA Swim League and can swim in up to 8 swim meets. There are typically 6 dual meets, a Cary City Invitational meet and a TSA Championship meet. We encourage all swimmers to attend each swim meet.

2022 Sea Dragon Swim Meet Schedule (tentative AWAY/HOME):
Saturday, June 4 - HOME - TIME TRIALS
Tuesday, June 14 - AWAY -  Seven Oaks
Tuesday, June 21 - HOME - Granite Falls

Tuesday, June 28 - Away -  Shepherd's Vineyard
Tuesday, July 5 - HOME -  University Club

Tuesday, July 12 - HOME - Sunset Ridge

Saturday, July 16 - AWAY - Cary City Invitational Championships, TBD

Tuesday July 19 - AWAY -  Apex

Sat/Sun, July 23 & 24 - TSA Championship Meet, location TBD

* Rain dates for dual meets generally follows the next evening, starting at the same time.
** Warm-ups - Tuesday warms ups arrive at 4:45 pm, warm up at 5 pm for home meets; arrival 5 pm, warm up at 5:30 pm for AWAY meets (more details will be sent out before each meet)


Sea Dragon Equipment

We do have a team swim suit. Team suits can be purchased from All American Swim in Cary. All swimmers are required to have the team suit or something similar. Alternatively, plain black or plain red suits are acceptable.  No other team logos may be worn on swim caps or swim suits or other swim gear. This is a TSA rule, and swimmers can be disqualified for swimming with non-Cary Park caps, including year-round swimming caps.

We do plan to offer Spiritwear (details TBA) such as t-shirts – short-sleeve and long-sleeve t-shirt; Nylon gym bags with the Sea Dragon logo, duffle bags, and car magnets. Spiritwear is available in both swimmer and parent sizes.


Social Activities

The Sea Dragons have many social activities throughout the season including:

  • Themes at our swim meets
  • Dragon dessert on Thursdays
  • Pie the Coaches

And much more!!! Keep checking our “ Social” tab on the web-site for more activities and details.


Team Ranking

Cary Park is part of TSA Southern League, Division 1, Rank #1.