Dear CPSD Families,


I hope you and your loved ones are all doing well in this challenging time. 


Given the current local stay-at-home orders and gradual plan to reopen the economy, I am sure that you are all wondering about the future of our summer swim team season. 


Over the past few months, the CPSD Board of Directors and I have been working closely with the Cary Park Swim Club and the Tar Heel Swim Association to put together the most reasonable scenario for our Cary Park Sea Dragons given the current state of uncertainty regarding the phased reopening plans. 


While we recognize that this summer will not be “normal” in any sense of the word, we are committed to providing Cary Park and neighboring residents with a swim team program this summer for those who want to participate. Any program we put together will follow all state and local guidelines for pool operation and social distancing at pool facilities.


Please read the full details below regarding our season plans and more flexible registration and refund policies and consider attending one of the virtual Q&A sessions offered about the swim team before making any final decisions about your pool or swim team memberships. 


Once you have read the information below and/or have attended a Q&A session, please take 2-3 min to fill out our membership survey: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/5580033/CPSD-Membership-Survey-2020-1


We will be offering the following Q&A sessions this evening. Additional times will be emailed separately.


Q&A Session 1: Sunday May 3rd 8-8:30 pm

Q&A Session 2: Sunday May 3rd 8:30-9:00 pm


Q&A Session 3: Tuesday May 5th 7:00-7:30 pm

Q&A Session 4: Tuesday May 5th 7:30-8:00 pm

Q&A Session 5: Tuesday May 5th 8:00-8:30 pm


Q&A Session 6: Saturday May 9th 3:00 - 3:30 pm

Q&A Session 7: Saturday May 9th 3:30 - 4:00 pm

Q&A Session 8: Saturday May 9th 4:00-4:30 pm

Q&A Session 9: Saturday May 9th 4:30-5:00 pm 


Q&A Session 10: Saturday May 16th 3:00-3:30 pm

Q&A Session 11: Saturday May 16th 3:30-4:00 pm


The Zoom information for today’s meetings can be found at the bottom of the email. Information about the other meetings will be sent out closer to those meeting times and will be posted on the website.


Please contact me with any questions.


Kind regards,

Cynthia Nagle


CPSD BOD President

[email protected]


Update on the Tar Heel Swim Association (TSA) Competition Season

TSA Season will be Exhibition: The TSA is made of 88 teams from around Wake County, and the board and team TSA representatives meet once a month in the months preceding the summer season. As of this Friday, we have decided that because not all 88 teams can compete this summer, that any meets conducted between TSA teams this summer will be Exhibition and that we will resume next summer 2021 with the competition schedule that was originally planned for this summer. 


This means that while we may be able to conduct some meets between TSA teams this summer, the meets will not count toward Division standings and that the championship meets normally held (TSA Championships and the Cary City Meet) will not be offered.


The TSA BOD will meet again on May 12th to determine what an Exhibition season between teams might look like given any updates on the phased opening plan from the Governor.


TSA Sr. Scholarships: Regardless of whether the TSA teams are able to host meets this season or not, the TSA has voted to continue to offer the Sr. Scholarships that they have traditionally offered. If you have a graduating Sr. swimmer, that swimmer will be eligible to apply for one of these scholarships whether he/or she swims this summer or not. Please contact us if you have a Sr. swimmer who wants to apply, and we will make sure we get you the application information.


Update on Cary Park Sea Dragons Summer Swim Team Schedule:

While we are disappointed that our regular TSA meet schedule is not possible this summer, we are committed to providing a summer swim team program for those families who still want to participate. As of today, these are the plans for our team.


  1. Delayed Season Start: Due to the current phased opening plans laid out by our Governor, we will delay the official start of the 10-week summer swim team schedule until June 8th. The 10-week season will now begin Monday June 8th and will run through Saturday August 15th. This season schedule is more in line with the Governor’s current phased reopening plans.


  1. Possible Pre-Season: If the pool opens and social distancing guidelines allow, we may provide a “Pre-Season” in late May/early June with small groups, but we are not certain whether that will be possible yet. Should it be possible, the  “Pre-Season” will be open to all registered swimmers who want to participate.


  1. Swim Team Evaluations: We will offer swim team evaluations to new swimmers and returning Mini Sea Dragons who are 8 years or younger. The Evaluations schedule will be determined once the pool is open and will likely be scheduled for one family at a time.


  1. Mini Sea Dragons: We are planning to offer our Mini Sea Dragons group this season. Once the pool has opened, we will determine the best practice times for this group.


  1. Practice Schedule: As of now, we intend to keep the traditional practice schedule as posted on our website (days of the week and times of day). If we find that we need to adjust the practice schedule due to regulations on the numbers of swimmers allowed in the pool at a time, we will address that when we know what those restrictions are. We anticipate that we may have to reduce the practice group sizes on the pool deck and in the pool during the first few weeks of the season. We will use dryland/swim group rotations if needed to achieve smaller groups.


  1. Tentative Meet Schedule: Given that the TSA Exhibition season schedule is still uncertain, we have made tentative plans to hold team time trials and intraquad meets (between Red and Black teams among Cary Park Swimmers) and intrasquad championships throughout the later part of the season (late June through August). If we are able to set up some meets against other TSA  teams, we can replace some of our intrasquad events with those events.

    1. To reduce the numbers of swimmers on deck at a time during these meets, we are proposing to run the meets 1-2 age groups at a time, depending on the size of each age group.

    2. Tentative Time Trials Dates: June 16th/20th or June 23rd/27th (may split Tues. and Saturday by age group during practice hours)

    3. Tentative Meet Dates: June 23rd, June 30, July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28, or Aug. 4th; may offer some meets with longer events for older swimmers (e.g., 100 free; 100 IM)

    4. Tentative “Championship” meet dates: Aug. 7th and/or Aug. 11th; may offer some longer events for older swimmers (e.g., 100 free; 100 IM).


  1. Social Events: The size of in-person social events will likely be reduced, especially in the first few weeks of the season. We are scheduling most of our traditional larger social events (e.g., pie the coaches) later in the season (July/August) in the hopes that we can hold those events with the team. We may have to hold these with smaller groups instead. We are open to offering virtual events (crafts, age group events, etc.) as well.


  1. Banquet and Awards: We plan to hold an awards ceremony to recognize our Sr. Swimmers, anniversary awards, new team records (even if they are unofficial), most improved, and any other Black vs. Red Team awards that come up with this season. Depending on the size of the team, the banquet may be held outside at Cary Park or virtually.

    1. New Award this season will recognize Sr. swimmers who swam all 4 years of highschool with CPSD


Update on Swim Team Registration and Refund Policies: 

Given the state of the current virus epidemic, we understand that not all families are certain whether they will be comfortable participating in swim team this summer. Therefore, we have made the following changes to the standard registration and refund policies (see table below):


  1. Early-bird swim team registration has been extended from May 18th to June 1st. If you sign up before June 1st, you take advantage of the standard registration price.


  1. Registration will be open all season: We will allow families to wait until they are comfortable registering to sign up for the swim team. Registration will be open all season. Join anytime you want. If you join after June 1st, the registration cost is $10 more per swimmer.


  1. Refund Policy is more flexible: Because of the uncertainty of the current situation, we have made our refund policy more flexible (see full table below).

    1. Our standard refund dates have been extended concordant with the extended registration dates.

    2. In the event that any weeks of the swim season after the first official week of June 8-June 15th are cancelled, then at the end of the season, we will offer a per swimmer refund for every week cancelled after June 15th.


If you decide not to participate this year, we understand. In that case, please fill out our Membership Survey, and if you already registered and need a refund, please fill out our Refund Form. We would prefer to get refund forms rather than a million emails.


  1. Update on Mandatory Volunteer Service Requirements

    1. Expect reduced number of volunteer hours: Due to the exhibition nature of our tentative swim meet schedule and to the likely reduction in large social events in the beginning of the season, we anticipate that families will not need to complete a full 12 points of volunteer service this summer. We do not have a new estimated point expectation at this stage in planning. We will keep you updated.


    1. We will still need volunteers!! Please don’t think you are totally off the hook! We will still need parent volunteers for any time trials, meets, or social events that we host. We just anticipate that volunteer requirements will be lower and that shifts during meets will be shorter and more laid back than usual.


Tentative Pre-Season Activities  May 18th-June 7th 

Official Swim Season June 8-August 15th


Revised for Delayed Season - June 1st Early Registration Deadline



By June 1st

By June 15th

After June 15th

Kids 4-14 years old


Swim Team Registration per swimmer (1st and 2nd swimmer)




Multi-Swimmer Discount (per swimmer for swimmers #3, 4, 5, etc.)





High School Kids 15-18





Family Costs


Social & Concession Fee (one fee per family)





Optional Costs Available During Registration


Cary City Meet Fees per swimmer ($12 for 6&U; $22 for 7&Up)


TSA Championship Meet Fees ($21 for 6&U; $30 for 7&Up)


End of Season Coach Gift ($5 suggested amount)


End of Season Commemorative Medal ($5/swimmer)


Swim Team Picture ($5)


Refunds of Dues - Delayed Season

Refund amount per swimmer

Requested by June 1st (start of season) Refund Swim Team Reg Fees Paid minus $10/swimmer




Requested by June 1st Sr. Swimmer (15-18) full refund




Requested by June 15th Refund Swim Team Reg Fees Paid minus 20%




Requested by June 15th Refund Sr. Swimmer (15-18) Reg Fees minus 20%




After June 15th (no refunds if 9 weeks of swimming practice are offered between June 15th and August 15th)

No refund

No refund

No refund

At the end of the season, for kids under 15, if 10 full weeks of swimming were not possible between June 1st and Aug 15th, then we will refund $6/swimmer per week cancelled starting with any weeks cancelled after June 15th

Refund $6-54 depending on #weeks missed

Refund $6-54 depending on #weeks missed

Refund $6-54 depending on #weeks missed

At the end of the season, for 15-18 kids, $2/swimmer per week refund starting with any week cancelled after June 15th

Refund $2-$18 depending on #weeks missed starting June 15th

Refund $2-$18 depending on #weeks missed starting June 15th

Refund $2-$18 depending on #weeks missed starting June 15th


*Any Championship meet fees or optional fees will be reimbursed at the end of the season if not used


**Option to donate championship meet fees to the team to support the coaches and Sr. scholarship fund