2022 Cary Park Sea Dragons Fees

Joining Cary Park Sea Dragons REQUIRES an Active Cary Park Swim Club Family Membership first – Applied, Paid, and Confirmed. Cary Park Sea Dragons must receive confirmation that your membership has been paid before your swim team registration will be processed. Please see www.carypark.org, Swim Club for more details. Early-bird registration deadline for the pool membership is March 15, 2022 (paid and postmarked)*. To save money on your pool registration fees, apply by that early deadline.

* Cary Park Swim Club Membership
Family Membership
Cary Park        - Early Bird - $420     Full - $495
Non-Cary Park - Early Bird - $580     Full - $680

The Cary Park Sea Dragons Swim Team for ages 4-18, and the Mini Sea Dragons for pre-competitive swimmers (4-8 yrs old) both require Swim Team Registration

2022 Swim Team Fee Structure:

CPSD and Mini Sea Dragons (ages younger than 15)  - $125 per Swimmer
CPSD (ages 15-18)                                                 - $25 per Swimmer

CPSD (all swimmers) Swimtopia Website fee             - $2.50 per Swimmer

CPSD  Concession and Social Fee                             - $15  per Family
Multi-Swimmer Discount (excludes 15-18 year-olds) - $15 discount
*Discount for registering 3rd, 4th, 5th or more Swimmers from the Same Family/Address/Account.

Late Fee - Swimmer Registrations after May 15, 2022  - $10 per Swimmer

Payments are made via the Registration Page, which can be accessed from the HOME Tab. Early Swim Team Swimmer Registration for 2022 opens in late February  and goes through May 15, 2020. After May 15, a $10 late fee applies.

CPSD Refunds prior to the start of swim season (May 16, 2022) will be granted, minus $10 per swimmer.

Once the season has started and prior to June 5, CPSD Refunds may be processed, minus 20% team fees per swimmer.

No refunds will be given after the initial trial period (May 16 - June 5).

No refunds will be given for suspension or dismissal from the team if 12 Point Volunteer Service Requirement is NOT met.

The Cary Park Sea Dragons Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any Family/Swimmer(s)' from the Cary Park Sea Dragons Swim Team for any reason, including but not limited to, failure to meet your obligated 12 Points Volunteer Service Requirement, Violation(s) of the Sportsmanship and Good Behavior Code of Conduct, or other actions which impede or inconvenience the ability for the Sea Dragons Swim Team to function properly.  Suspensions or Dismissals will be executed without Refunds.



Other CPSD Fees (Can be paid at registration or later in the season):

End-of-Season Championship Meet Fees:

Cary City Meet (TBD for 2022)                 - $12 per Swimmer for 6 and unders
                                                             - $22 per Swimmer ages 7 and up

TSA Championship Meet (July 23-22, 2022)    - $28 per Swimmer for 6 and unders
                                                                   - $32 per Swimmer ages 7 and up

May subtract $2 for these meets if paying with cash or check to Cary Park Sea Dragons, versus PayPal or other electronic means.

End-of-Season Coach Appreciation Gift - $5 suggested amount

End-of-Season Team Medal (engraved with name) ***Optional*** - $5.00 per swimmer

* In 2017, we converted to an optional end-of-season participation award - a Cary Park Sea Dragon team medal, engraved with your swimmer's name. If you do not pay for this award during registration, watch for an email for the LAST CALL to Opt-In for this end-of season participation medal. 

Year-Pin (2022) - Included with each swimmer registration
Swimmers can place this 2022 Year-Pin to start or continue their associated pin collection to the ribbon of their Sea Dragon medal (if purchased)!

Silicone Cap - $10
    * Included with swimmer registration for each 15-18 year old swimmer

Latex Cap - $5
    * Included with swimmer registration, for those Sea Dragons who want it