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The Tarheel Swimming Association was created to promote and encourage competitive and recreational summer swimming for Wake County youth. To help nurture and maintain interest by older swimmers who have recently graduated from high school, the Association’s bylaws instruct us to attempt to award educational grants each year. The grants are named after Cecil L. Williamson, a dedicated swimming volunteer.



The educational grant program set by the Board of Directors for the 2019 season calls for 25 grants in the amount of $400 each. Grants are awarded each season to a random selection of qualified applicants.


To be eligible a swimmer or TSA coach must:

·         Be an entering first-year student in a college, technical, business, or post-secondary school.

·         Have competed in the last two (2) consecutive TSA swim seasons of eligibility and have swum in a minimum of three (3) dual meets in each of the seasons. . .

·         … OR… Be a TSA coach who competed as a swimmer in the two (2) seasons prior to becoming a coach, having swum in a minimum of three (3) dual meets in each of the seasons.

Petitions can be made for extenuating circumstances and will be acted upon by the Executive Committee.

Note that the year of grant eligibility does not have to coincide with a swimmer’s final season of TSA eligibility, and a swimmer’s or coach’s qualifying seasons need not all be with the same TSA club.


Procedure for Submitting Names

Members of the Board (TSA reps) may submit the names of eligible individuals that exemplify the qualities of team spirit, dedication, leadership, and sportsmanship. Entries must be submitted to the TSA Secretary ( before the start of the TSA Championship Meet and the winners will be notified as soon as possible thereafter.

Since the Drawing will be held on the final day of the Championship Meet (Sunday, July 21st), I will accept entry submissions up through 11:59 PM on Friday, July 19th. Each entry must contain the following information:

Entry Submission:

-Entrant’s name (first and last)

-Pronunciation tips for any element of the name that is not obvious.

-Entrant’s team

-Entrant’s postal address