Parent Volunteer Participation Policy

Upon swimmer(s) registration for Cary Park Sea Dragons, your family is under obligation to complete 12 Volunteer points over the course of the summer swim season. These points are monitored to assure our swim team community can together run a successful season for our children. These points do not carry over into following years. Half (6) of the points must be signed up for and earned by the 3rd meet of the season. Failure to fulfill this vital obligation will result in the removal of the entire family's swimmer(s) from the Cary Park Sea Dragons (ability to practice, participate in swim meets or social events, or any other Sea Dragon activities) and jeopardize the following year's eligibility to even return to the swim team at all.

Furthermore, failure to meet this Required 12 Point Volunteer commitment which every Family signed agreement to (with your swimmer(s)' registration and with the Parent FAQ paperwork) will result in your swimmer(s)' season awards being held until the commitment is resolved with our VPs Volunteers. No refunds will be given in these situations.

The ONLY Exemptions from  Required Volunteer Points are if you have ONLY a Mini Sea Dragon or ONLY a 15+ swimmer.

Any questions, feel free to email VP of Volunteers.

The Cary Park Sea Dragons Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any Family/Swimmer(s)' from the Cary Park Sea Dragons Swim Team for any reason, including but not limited to, failure to meet your obligated 12 Points Volunteering Requirement, Violation(s) of Sportsmanship and Good Behavior Code of Conduct, or other actions which impede or inconvenience the ability for the Sea Dragons Swim Team to function properly.  Suspensions or Dismissals will be executed without Refunds.

******Changes can be made to this policy at anytime, as needed.*********


  • Arrive when your swimmers are told to do so in the Newsletter
  • Check in and receive your timer lanyard…some will pick up a clipboard with heat sheet, pen, and stop watch because we only need one of these per lane and there are two volunteers per lane (usually 3-4 lanes per meet).
  • The Dolphin timing system will be used at each of our home meets and some of our away meets. There will always be two hand timers per lane (either one manual and one dolphin OR two manual)
  • ALWAYS write each swimmers time (from manual watch) on your heat sheet AND verify the swimmers name.
  • BE AWARE to start your timer with the starter and stop your timer when the first body part (hand, arm, elbow, head) of the swimmer touches the wall.
  • ALWAYS attend the JUDGES/TIMER MEETING.  It is usually at 5:30. Listen for announcements!!  This is when important information is given and you will get your lane assignment.  This meeting will occur inside our clubhouse and usually near the away team’s clubhouse.
  • During the 6 and under events you will line up on the side of the pool closest to your lane
  • During the 7/8 and 9/10 events you will remain at the end of the pool away from the blocks
  • During the 11 and ups events you will time from the starting end of the pool where the blocks are located.


Dragon Tamer

  • Arrive at volunteer check in at the designated time posted in the newsletter
  • At check in make sure you are given: Clipboard with heat sheet and swimmer list, lanyard with job title, pen, highlighter, and sharpie.
  • Bring with you a chair and water bottle (swimmers cannot bring chairs, but you can)
  • Please remember that you are under the tent to :
  • Have the Parent use a Sharpie to write each swimmer's last name vertically down the LEFT arm and write their assigned number horizontally across the RIGHT arm
  • Line the kids up for their events prior to the kid pusher arriving to bring them to the ready bench area (the chairs behind the blocks).  This needs to be done when the age group in front of you is out of their tent and about to be in the ready bench area.
  • Help the kids to the bathroom as needed
  • Keep the tent area clean of trash
  • Answer questions
  • Remember that parents are not allowed in the tent area.  It is way too crowded for them to be there and distracting to swimmers.