VOLUNTEERING Requirements and Opportunities

Sign up under Events on the website and click on Job Sign Up under the meet or event you are signing up for.


  • Set-up and clean-up is the responsibility of the WHOLE TEAM at our home meets.

  • EVERY family MUST volunteer for at least ONE shift at each home meet in which their swimmer is participating.

  • Supply TWO or more items for concessions over the course of the season for home meets or pay $50 buy-out during registration. The "Concession buy-out" DOES NOT include your volunteer time requirement at home meets.

  • Every family must supply TWO homemade pies or TWO homemade baked goods for the pie sale or pay $40 buy-out during your registration. Costco pies are not allowed. The "Pie buy-out" DOES NOT include your volunteer time requirement for the Memorial Day Pie Sale.

  • Volunteer for at least ONE shift at any of the following events: Memorial Day pie sale, spaghetti dinner, timer at Invitational meet, timer or clerk of course at Conference meet.

Additional opportunities on all the committees:

Stingray Board: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.

Swim Meet Coordinator
Head Official
Clerk of Course

Head Timer
New Family Coordinator

Concessions Lead

Fundraising and Sponsorships
Coordinators for: Picture Day, Give Back Day(s), Spaghetti Dinner, and After Conference Party   

There are many other volunteer opportunities that are not listed. If you would like to help in one of the areas listed above or talk through an idea you might have to support our team in another way, please reach out to the Stingray President or any of the Board members.

It really does take a village to make our team second to none!