All swimmers must attend practice the day of the meet to swim in that night’s meet.
All swimmers must attend a minimum of 3 days practice (includes the day of the meet) each week.
Swimmers with attendance of less than 60% will only swim one event (relay or individual).
Any extended absence (2 days or more) must be accompanied by a note stating time to be missed and the reason.

Meet sign-ups are FINAL!  If you have NOT signed up for a meet in the Events tab by the cut-off date, then it will be assumed you are NOT swimming that meet.

Swimmers participating on other summer teams must attend the equivalent of the minimum of 3 days practice with either or both teams.  Swimmers practicing with YMCA or USA teams are asked to make every effort to attend Lakota Hills on meet days.  If this is not possible, these swimmers can still compete in the Lakota Hills meet provided they have practiced that day with their club team, and the Lakota Hills coaches are notified prior to the meet day.

Swimmers are strongly encouraged to wear the team suit and cap at all Tri-County league meets.  It is discouraged to wear club attire to these meets. Swimmers are not permitted to wear another club's team cap at any meet.


All 6 & under swimmers will be required to swim across the diving well of the pool unassisted. The diving well area is approximately 10 yards across and 12 feet deep. Proper technique of freestyle or backstroke will not be enforced. To allow time for improvement, the safety test will be given after the first two weeks of practice. The pass/fail of each swimmer will be determined by the coaching staff. If a swimmer is deemed unsafe, a partial refund will be issued to the family. If a swimmer is deemed safe, he/she may still be placed on the Mini Waves until meet ready to swim an entire length of the pool in a reasonable time (under 1:30.00). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach Josh.


Swimmers need to be able to complete a lap of a specific event in less than 90 seconds in order to swim that event in a swim meet.  Coach Josh will determine when a swimmer is ready to swim each event in a meet.


All invitational fees will be billed through TeamUnify to the credit card on file in the system. 


To be eligible for special awards at the season's end, swimmer(s) must attend and participate in Championships.  Please plan vacations accordingly if necessary.


Parents are welcomed to watch practice but are requested to observe from the pavilion.  Parents are requested to refrain from speaking with the coaches during practice, as this takes their attention away from the children.  If you wish to discuss your child’s progress or express a concern, please schedule a time to meet with one of the coaches and they will be happy to talk to you.  During practice it is important that they focus on coaching your children.

Parents must refrain from speaking with officials and coaches during meets. 


Each family must complete the required number volunteer credits this season.The number of volunteer credits will be announced at Meet the Coaches night.  A participation fee ($150) is charged to the credit card on file if volunteer requirements for the season are not met.  The fee will not be pro-rated if only some of the requirements are met.



Athletes should not ride in a coach's vehicle without another adult (non-coach) present who is the same gender as the athlete,unless prior parental permission is obtained.



Each family is asked to bring one concession item each home meet.  The sign-ups can be found at the end of the job sign-ups for each meet.  Although your food donations are both necessary for a successful concession stand and greatly appreciated, they do not count towards your work requirements for the season. 

THANK YOU to all the parents who give so generously to our concession stand!