Frequently asked questions

How old do athletes need to be to join Triumph Aquatics Club?

Our program is designed for athletes between the ages of 8-18. USA Water Polo has athletes split into the following divisions: 10&under, 12&under, 14&under, 16&under and 18&under. Divisions are determined by athlete age on August 2nd.

Do I have to know how to play water polo before joining the team?

Nope! In fact, most of our athletes come to us with very little or no experience. Our coaching staff will teach athletes everything they need to know to be successful players.

When can I sign up?

You can sign up at any time! We offer practices year round and participants can join at any time. We have four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. You are welcome to attend a practice before signing up as well. Contact us at Club Admin to schedule your first practice.

What is the registration process?

Registration is a two-step process:

1. Register with USA Water Polo, USA Water Polo is the national governing body for the sport of water polo. It is under the auspices of the United States Olympic Committee. In order to enter the water as a TAC member, your registration with USA Water Polo must be current for insurance purposes. In addition, a player cannot be rostered for any tournaments unless your USA Water Polo membership is valid. Triumph Aquatics Club ID#33993

2. Register for current season with Triumph Aquatics Club

Where are games played?

Local game days are held on Sundays against other Houston teams. The pool locations vary by season, check the calendar for current schedule. Tournaments are held in Houston, Dallas and Austin. 

What can a player do to maximize his or her potential?

Make sure to attend as many practices and games as possible. A player will develop skills, as in all
sports, by working hard, having good attendance and really listening to the coaches. Additionally, watching water games and skills videos online can be very helpful.

What if I have to miss a practice or tournament?

We all understand that life intrudes on water polo sometimes and that homework and family occasionally prevent attendance at practice! If you need to miss a tournament, let the coach know immediately so rosters can be adjusted. You will get as much out of the club as you put in. If you will be missing a practice, just let the coach know before or after.

What happens if there is a scheduling change?

Water polo is a very fluid sport. Schedules tend to come out late and change frequently.The club does it’s best to notify our members of any changes, but it is the player’s responsibility to monitor the website for any changes. The final responsibility lies with the player!

Is there a team uniform?

Yes, athletes are required to purchase the team uniform. Financial aid is availble to ensure all athletes have team uniform. 

  • Team suit
  • Seafoam green t-shirt
  • Black t-shirt