Membership Information & Registration

Registration information:

  • The definition of a family for the purposes of a membership with Sandston Pool is no more than two adults and their dependent children (age 23 or younger), who are permanently residing together as a single family/financial household unit within a residence that is their fixed and principal home.
  • Dues are based on the number of family members listed on the Member Information Form plus the joining fee, where applicable. Memberships require two references and approval from the board.

  • The joining fee is $350 paid in installments of $116.70 over the first three years of membership. 

    Our single memberships as well as rejoins will only need to pay $180.00 joining fee split over 3 years of $60.00 a year. If you know of any single relatives or friends or anyone that was once a member that are looking for a pool, please encourage them to join.

  • Membership Fees

    • Senior Citizen (60 and up) 1 member - $265.00
    • Senior Citizen (60 and up) 2 members - $275.00
    • Senior Citizen Hybrid (1 person 60 and up, 1 person not yet 60) - $335.00
    • One Member - $275.00
    • Two Members - $380.00
    • Three Members - $390.00
    • Four Members - $400.00
    • Five Members - $410.00
    • Six or more Members - $420.00
  • If you have a regular daily sitter for your MEMBER child, you may add the sitter for $50 for the season. *Must be 16 years or older to be considered a babysitter*

  • You can register online and pay via check or credit card. Please note that there is a 3% processing fee for all credit card transactions.

Please click the appropriate link below to register for your Pool Membership:

**If you're interested in joining the pool as a new member, please call us at 804-737-8942 or come to the pool during open hours.**