It is the swimmers’ (and if needed, family’s) responsibility to line up at the appropriate time and place for their events.

For Swimmers ages 11 and up

  • Line up at the ​blocks ​at least 1-2 events before your individual event
  • Line up at the ​blocks ​at least 2-3 events before your relay​.
    • It is especially important to be on time for relays.
    • One late swimmer can result in the entire relay team being scratched from the race.

Swimmers ages 10 and under

It is the swimmers’ and family’s responsibility to get to the ​STAGING AREA ​on time

  • Kid-runners and Line-up Coordinators are there to help, but not responsible for your swimmer being on time for their events.
  • ​Kid-runners will “run” around the pop-up area once to call swimmers to the staging area.
    • Swimmers should go to the STAGING AREA not the blocks.
    • If you miss hearing the Kid-runner, take your swimmer to the staging area at least 2 events before they swim.
    • ​Do not go to the blocks unless directed to do so by the Kid-runner or Line-up Coordinator
  • Once swimmers are in the staging area with Kid-runners and Line-up Coordinator, parents should keep the staging area and blocks clear to help reduce crowding.
  • The Line-up Coordinator and Kid-runners will line the swimmers up and take them to the blocks.

Kid Runners

  • Start collecting swimmers:
    • At least 2-3 events before they swim in individual events.
    • At least 3-4 events before they swim in relays.
  • Kid Runners need to monitor their age-group swimmers until the swimmers in the last heat are on the blocks
  • The Line up Coordinator will direct the Kid Runners to do any of the following as needed:
    • Make one more round to gather swimmers in their age group
    • Help organize swimmers in the staging area
    • Stay in the staging area to make sure swimmers remain lined up
    • Escort lines of swimmers to the blocks
    • Monitor the block area to ensure swimmers stay in the correct order and get to the blocks on time