"Responsibility is the price of greatness."

Swimmer Responsibilities
The Aqua Bears have a team-oriented program designed to teach swimmers of all ages how to improve their swimming techniques. It also teaches the importance of good teamwork and cooperation. Swimmers are expected to follow basic good conduct policies, including:

  • Swimmer should attend practices regularly.

  • If a swimmer misses a practice, he/she should notify the coach with an acceptable excuse.

  • If a swimmer is not able to participate in a swim meet, he/she should inform the coach as far in advance as possible.

  • Swimmers who do not attend practices regularly may not be allowed to swim in the meet on Saturday. The decision to disqualify a swimmer due to absenteeism will be made by the coach.

  • Swimmers are scheduled for events to enhance their individual and team performances. SWIMMERS MAY HAVE TO SWIM SOME EVENTS THEY DO NOT PARTICULARLY WANT TO SWIM. This is part of being a team member.

  • Swimmers are responsible to be on time for each event in which they participate.

  • Swimmers are responsible to "sign-in" or "sign-out" for each meet at the time specified by the coaches.

  • Swimmers will refrain from using drugs, tobacco and alcohol at all times.

  • Swimmers will exhibit good sportsmanship for their team and opponents at all times.

Parent Responsibilities - Very Important!!!
The success of the Aqua Bear swim team is directly related to enthusiastic support of our parents.  Parents support the program in two ways:

First, the primary source of income for the Aqua Bear swim team program comes from the dues, fundraisers and snack bar.  Please make sure dues are paid at registration and support the snack bar and fundraisers when possible.

Second, the swim meets are run by the much appreciated parent volunteers.  It takes approximately 55 parents to run a home meet.  No experience is necessary!  Each family is required to work a minimum of six shifts in one of the available jobs, with at least two of them at the poolside.  Parents who have a child or children 10 or younger must fulfill at least three of their six shifts as a "kid runner" unless there are no more remaining kid runner shifts open in their child(ren)'s age group(s).  Kid running is considered a poolside job.

In the event you are unable to work the job you committed to, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  The Volunteer Coordinator may be able to help you find someone to swap dates with if the need arises.  Parents who do not fulfill their obligations will be jeopardizing their swimmer's participation with the Aqua Bears.  A club Chairperson will contact parents who do not show up for their jobs.  Further action will be taken which may include the family's swimmer(s) being scratched from the next meet and a possible loss of the volunteer deposit.

In addition to working shifts during the season, families are encouraged to help and support the team by volunteering for various roles, events and committees. Helping our team is also a great way to get involved.