COVID-19 Swim Team Club Guidelines

The goal of the Summer Swim Club is to provide an opportunity for swimmers to remain connected with the sport and to gain valuable coaching time in a small group setting.  We see this as an opportunity for swimmers to develop their strokes and swimming skills.   

If possible we will try to plan small/intramural meets within the scope of the current guidelines.  As new or updated guidelines are released, we will adjust our policies as needed.  Our current plans include the following to align with the COVID-19 Phase II Guidelines and the Chesapeake Golf Course Pool Rules.

  • Practices will be 45 minutes each. 
  • Swimmers may not be on deck before or after their scheduled practice.
  • Swimmers will only be permitted to participate in the specific AM/PM time period they are registered for unless prior approval is obtained from Coach Eric.
  • Cleaning of deck items will be performed during the 15 minutes between each practice.  
  • Only swimmers will be permitted on deck.  Parents must wait outside the gated area. 
  • There will be no more than 3 swimmers per lane and swimmers will keep a minimum of 10 feet distance.  There will two coaches on deck to provide supervision and instruction. 
  • Swimmers are required to swim unattended for the full length of the pool.  New swimmers under the age of 10 will be required to pass an eligibility test with one of our coaches.
  • Swimmers will be required to arrive on deck in their bathing suits ready to swim.  Locker rooms will not be available for changing before or after practices.  
  • Swimmers are encouraged to bring a minimal amount of personal gear to include:  towel, swim equipment and personal water bottle.
  • There will be limited restroom availability as the bathroom needs to be wiped down and disinfected after each use.   
  • Swimmers will be required to bring their own kick board and/or other personal equipment.