• Timers - operates timing equipment and stopwatch for an assigned lane; “best” birds eye view of the competition. And you can cool off.
  • Runners – delivers time cards to the timers and retrieves time cards to forward to the scoring table.
  • Clerk-of-Course – assembles the swimmers for each event and ensures they are sent to their correct lane. This person leads the "zoo".
  • Clerk Helpers – assists the clerk-of-course to ensure all swimmers are in the correct event/heat/lane. These people work in the "zoo"
  • Lane Clerks - lines swimmers up in chairs behind lanes and verifies they are in the correct heat and lane.
  • Announcer – calls for the events in advance, thanks sponsors, general announcements.
  • *Meet Manager Scorer – Sets up meet in Meet Manager software, enters swimmers times, prints results and tally the meet score. They work in the air conditioned office.
  • DQ Log Book - record all disqualifications onto log sheets. They work in the air conditioned office.
  • Time Verifier - verify that the times entered into the computer match the times written by the timers on deck. They work in the air conditioned office.
  • Meet Set-up/Tear DownMeet set-up begins at 6:15A the morning of the swim meet and includes: moving chairs and tables, hanging backstroke flags, putting in lane lines, setting up tents for swimmers, setting up announcer's equipment, set up team office & set up starter equipment. Tear down immediately follows the last event and ends when everything is put away and the pool setup for opening. These positions must check in with the team representative to get half meet credit for their work.
  • *Head Referee & *Starter - set the pace of the meet as well as work together to ensure the meet follows league rules
  • *Stroke & Turn Judge – reports any violation of swimmer style or turns.

*Requires yearly certification by attending the official’s clinic
(We need officials so please consider certification this summer!)


  • Social Events Team - Work with Social Events Coordinator on all social functions during the summer. Working on this team fulfills the 8 volunteer points requirement. This position is outside of meets and practice. Participation will be verified by the Social Events Coordinator.
  • Ribbons - Place labels on the ribbons swimmers earned at the previous Saturday meets. This usually occurs during Monday morning practice. This position earns 1 volunteer point and must be verified by the team representative.