Swimming is a family support. Meets are very labor intensive and require a lot of parent volunteers to run smoothly.  Training for some jobs takes only a few minutes; others require attendance at clinics.  No job is as scary or difficult as you might think! (List of Jobs & Duties)

  • Every family is required to work a minimum of 8 service points during the regular season. 
  • If a family has not worked at least 3 points before the third meet or made other arrangements with the team representatives, the child(ren) will not be able to compete at their next scheduled meet.
  • All volunteer signups will be tracked through our Team Unify website. Each volunteer must signup through Team Unify AND be checked in at each half of the swim meet they are volunteering. The Volunteer Coordinator or a designated volunteer check in person will be on deck each meet.
  • Families are expected to be proactive in signing up and completing their required number of shifts.  In the event that you cannot fulfill a shift you signed up for it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a replacement. 

If at anytime you have an issue signing up through Team Unify contact the Volunteer Coordinator or a team representative for help.