2022 Team Suits


The Serpents are going to have one initial bulk team order.  With this option, each family places their order directly on the website at: www.agonswim.com/teams/108775 *check out the new style here!

Then, once the items are produced, Agon will ship the items in bulk to the one central “team parent”, which will be Coach Sam. Each family’s order is bagged individually, per family, for easy distribution.  The shipping charges for the bulk order are $1 per item (some items require a higher shipping fee), plus $1 sorting fee per item. We accept one bulk order during a time window, which will be held now through May 17.  

Coach Sam will be at Chesapeake Golf Club's clubhouse on Friday, May 13 from 5:00pm-7:00pm and Saturday, May 14 from 8:00am-10:00am for swimmers to try on bathing suits.  Coach Sam will provide families with their child's name and suit size recommendation, so they can go online to www.agonswim.com/teams/108775 to place their order.  The close out date for the Serpents swim team will be on Tuesday, May 17.  All orders for the initial bulk order must be placed online by Tuesday, May 17.  This helps shipping costs stay down AND get suits prior to our first meet.  These orders are processed together as the first “bulk order.”

After this initial “bulk order” period has ended, families can still order directly from the website www.agonswim.com/teams/108775

These items are shipped directly to their homes, once they are produced, and our various shipping options and rates are applicable.

Regarding female suits, the serpents have several options:

Youth has thick or thin strap options (freeback youth and thinstrap youth)

Adult has thick or thin strap options (freeback or thinstrap)

There is also a suit that is more stretchy, compared to others, in order to help the bigger chested  girls, which is the suit called "thinstrap 1x". Some of our senior swimmers like this suit. 

If any parent and/or swimmer has any questions or concerns regarding suits, I highly encourage them to attend a try on date. Agon will take returns however, there is a 20% restocking fee, plus shipping, due to the suit being a custom bathing suit.

If a family has any questions, they are encouraged to call or text Coach Sam at  757-615-0953.