1.       Attend as many practices as possible, train hard, prepare to swim your best.

2.       Sign-up for each dual meet on the sheet posted by the coaches. Please take this seriously as unexpected absences may result in forfeited team points.

3.       Check your folder on Friday morning for swimmer meet entries.

4.       Be on time for practices and meets. GCC hosted meets begin at 8:00am, but swimmers should plan on arriving at the pool by 7:00am to prepare for the meet and warm-ups. Away dual meet start times may vary, but are usually between 8-8:30am . Division/All Star Championships start at 8:30am , but arrive early. 
 5.       Pack for the meet. Please ensure your swim bag includes: team swim suit, team cap & goggles (two pair in case one rips or is lost), two or more towels, flip flops, change of clothes for post-meet lunch/party, sweats/warm-ups  per weather, sharpies for writing events on arms/legs, sun screen, healthy drinks and snacks, cards, electronic or board games or books, etc, to help pass the times, especially for younger swimmers, money for concessions, team spirit, positive attitude. Parents may consider lawn chairs, as seating is usually at a premium, inclement weather gear per forecasts, and lots of hugs and smiles and encouragement for swimmers.

6.       Parents should talk with and encourage their swimmer as often as possible

7.       Listen to the announcer and be at the right place at the right time for your events. The Zoo Keeper and Clerk of Course volunteers will do their best to help you be on time and be ready to swim, but your cooperation is important. Parents can be a great assistance in this area. Monitor your swimmers appropriately. 

8.       Practice good nutrition before and during the meet. It’s usually hot. Please drink liquids often-lots of water and juices and Gatorade type drinks. Also healthy snacks such as fruit, pasta, bagels, carbo snacks, etc, often and in small amounts, are important to maintain swimmer energy levels. Good fuel for best times is critical. You should avoid carbonated sodas and junk food-they slow you down.

9.       Plan on staying for the entire meet. Sometimes scratches or changes occur and your swimmer may be a replacement. Plus, the concluding relays are exciting.

10.   Have fun, do your best, and learn from every meet. New best times are the goal.

11.   Practice good sportsmanship. Your individual actions represent all Seahawks.