A timeline for planning and conducting a successful meet is essential. The timeline synchronizes our actions and establishes our meet rhythm. When we do it right, we’ll sense it and feel it. But when we’re unaware of the timeline or deviate from it we can disrupt and delay the meet. Our timeline is:

Pre-Meet Actions, Fridays Prior to Home Meets:

Report to the GCC pool at 6:00pm to conduct initial set-up tasks. Usually, 10-15 volunteers can complete this in less than an hour. This coincides with our Friday Team Pep Rally and everyone is encouraged to attend and enjoy the fun.

Meet Day Actions:

  • 7:00-7:15am-Arrive prepared to do what needs to be done, especially delivering donated snacks and drinks and helping concessions in setting-up to initiate sales no later than 7:30am. The earlier we begin sales the more our profit for the swimmers and team. Please help concessions with donated items and setting-up as required.
  • 7:15-Announcer, in coordination with the Head Coach, announces warm-up sessions and monitors their progress for both teams with update announcements, as required. GCC, as host team, will warm-up from 7:20-7:35am and guest team from 7:35-7:50am. Clear the pool by 7:50 in preparation for National Anthem.
  • 7:20am-First announcement for Officials and Timers 7:30am Meeting.
  • 7:20am- Announcement for host team warm-ups to begin.
  • 7:25am-Second announcement for Officials and Timers 7:30am Meeting.
  • 7:28am-Third and final announcement for Officials and Timers 7:30am Meeting. 
  • 7:30am-Officials and Timers Meeting begins with general introduction/orientation by Head Referee followed by separate/concurrent Head Timer meeting and Chief Judge Stroke & Turn Judge meeting. First half swimmer event lane sheets and spare sheets and clip boards, pencils, stop watches, DQ slips, etc., will be passed out at this meeting.
  • 7:35am- Announcement for host team warm-ups to end and visiting team warm-ups to begin.
  • 7:45am-First call for swimmers in the relay events (Events # 1-6) to report to the Clerk of Course for preparation for first events.
  • 7:50am-Conclude Officials and Timers meeting and report to positions for final equipment checks and readiness to begin meet.
  • 7:50am-Announcement for visiting team warm-ups to end.
  • 7:50am-First call for swimmers in first three events to starting positions.
  • 7:55am-Announcement and playing of National Anthem.
  • 7:58am-Final call for swimmers in first event to starting positions.
  • 8:00am-First half of meet begins.
  • 10:00-10:15am (approximate)-10-minute intermission.
  • Intermission plus five minutes-Announcer notes beginning time of intermission and after five minutes announces request for Officials, Timers, and swimmers to return to their positions in five minutes for second half. Repeat announcement as often as necessary to ensure second half begins on time. Head Timer prepares to pass out swimmer event lane sheets and equipment for second half.
  • Intermission plus seven minutes-Announcer repeats call for Officials, Timers, and swimmers in second half opening events to report to starting positions. Head Timer passes out lane sheets and equipment for second half.
  • Intermission plus nine minutes-Announcer announces final call for Officials, Timers, and swimmers to starting positions for the beginning of the second half.
  • Intermission plus ten minutes-Second half of meet begins.
  • 12:00pm- Meet concludes. Last year the away meets we attended averaged concluding about 12:30-12:45pm, however, our meets averaged concluding about 11:45am. If we follow this timeline and are proficient and efficient, we’ll conclude our meets before noon. Once again, the basic goal of this timeline is to successfully synchronize our actions and establish a meet rhythm; otherwise disruptions may create delays and unnecessarily prolong the meet.

Post-Meet Actions, Saturdays Immediately Following Meet Conclusion: Breakdown meet set-up format immediately after meet and set-up for GCC weekend pool activities. This takes less than an hour if we have about 20-30 volunteers.