27 May 2012         



1.1 History:The Greenbrier Country Club (GCC) Seahawks swim team is a summer league recreation swim team. The organization name is the Greenbrier Country Club Swim Team Parents Association (GCCSTPA).The team name is the Greenbrier Seahawks. The team is a member of the Virginia Beach Swim League (VBSL). The team competes in assigned VBSL divisions. Competition includes Division Dual Meets, a Division Championship Meet, and an All-Star Championship Meet. The GCC Seahawks swim team is dedicated to the personal development of each team member toward their individual personal goals as well as their competing in a collective and spirited team environment. The Seahawks is a team administered by parents for our children.

1.2. Vision:

A. The Seahawks swim team is a volunteer and member-supported family of swimmers whose belief and vision is focused and dedicated to developing the athlete’s potential with a positive work ethic while also emphasizing that swimming and competition are fun. Our goal is to make all feel welcome in a warm, enjoyable, successful, safe, and passionate atmosphere.

B. The Seahawks is a team of swimmers, parents, and coaches committed to excellence; a team focused equally on our novice swimmers and our experienced swimmers; a team that always remembers that it is the warm personal touch and caring that makes the Seahawks what it is and what it will become.

1.3. Parental Involvement, Participation, and Support: As a volunteer organization the Seahawks depend on parent involvement to achieve its goals on behalf of our children. Parents are required and expected to support the Seahawks by participating in and supporting various volunteer opportunities. Swim meets are conducted with parents as officials and volunteers in numerous duties ranging from Head Referee, to Judges, to Timers, and to various support requirements. Social events are organized and administered by parents to help our children enjoy fun experiences associated with the hard work of practices and competitive swimming. Coordinating and managing the administrative and financial responsibilities of the Seahawks requires the talents of volunteers as Directors on our Board of Directors and Chairs and Assistants for various Committees. The Seahawks need parents to be active, to be involved, to be participants, and to be supportive of those activities that benefit our children. Supporting the volunteer requirements of the Seahawks is essential to the success and future of the Seahawks. 

1.4. Governance:The parent Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as the Board) is responsible for the governance of the team and establishing team policies, dues and fees, and hiring coaches. The Board, in coordination with the Head Coach and various Committees, manages and directs the goals and vision for the Seahawks swim team. These Bylaws provide summary guidance to the Board and Parents regarding the effective, efficient, and economical governance of the Seahawks.


2.1. Classes of Members and Qualifications:There are two general classes of members.

A. The first general class of Seahawks members is called the GCC Members or those who are members of the Greenbrier Country Club.

B. The second general class of Seahawks members is called Summer Swim Members or members who join only for the summer swim season.

Notes: 1. Swimmer membership includes the parents and siblings of the registered swimmers. 2. Swimmers with a parent who is a GCC employee are eligible for swim team membership. 3. In accordance with VBSL rules, swimmers who have competed with a college swim team or who are age 19 by 15 June are ineligible. 

2.2. Admission of Members:Prospective members may apply for Seahawk swim team membership by completing and submitting an application to the Membership Committee. Procedures and requirements for admission are established, published, and amended, as required, by the Membership Committee as approved by the Board.

2.3. Registration Dues and Fees. The Board establishes membership dues and any associated fees, which may be reviewed and amended annually.

2.4. Rights and Obligations of Swimmers:Swimmers in good standing have the right to participate in the training, educational, and competitive events and programs established, maintained, and sponsored by the Seahawks. To maintain good standing, swim team members must:

A. Be registered and fully paid current members of the Seahawks swim team. Due to liability issues, a swimmer cannot participate in competition if the membership form and dues in full have not been received.

B. Adhere to the rules and procedures established by the team and the coaches.

C. Comply with the rules of the Board, coaches, and parents in a supervisory capacity.  

D. Practice good sportsmanship and conduct at practices, meets, and Seahawk activities.

E. Adhere to all practice and meet pool and safety policies.

F. Represent themselves and the Seahawks in a positive and respectful manner.

Note: Conduct detrimental to good sportsmanship, disrespect toward teammates and competitors, as well as coaches and adults, may result in disciplinary actions, which may include suspension or termination. Requests for reinstatement must be in writing and approved by the Board.

2.5. Rights and Obligations or Parents:Parents in good standing have the right, subject to the rules and procedures of the Seahawks, to announce and compete for election to the Board and to the offices and committee chairs of the swim team. They also have the right to serve on the committees and otherwise participate in Seahawk programs to the extent determined by and under the direction of the Board, Officers, and Head Coach of the Seahawks. To maintain good standing, Parents must:

A. Be the parent, grandparent, or guardian of swim team member(s) in good standing.

B. Make timely payments of all dues, fees, and financial obligations for their children.

C. Fulfill volunteer requirements and support swim meets as volunteers or officials, as required, except as exempted by Board actions and votes.

2.6. Restrictions of Membership:Seahawks swim team membership is non-transferable.


3.1. General Powers of the Board:The Seahawks will establish a functioning Board of Directors responsible to the Swimmers and Parents for the operation of the Seahawk as a swim team dedicated to helping young people fulfill their dreams and achieve their potential. All corporate powers and governance responsibilities will be exercised under the authority of the Board, subject to any limitations set forth in these Bylaws, to include managing and conducting the business and financial affairs of the Seahawks.

3.2. Board Officers: The Officers of the Board are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, VBSL Team Representative, and Head Coach. At the discretion of the Board, one or more other Co-Officer or Assistant Officer positions may be deemed necessary or advisable to conduct the business of the Board and may be discussed and voted upon in a Board meeting. No Officer may hold more than one Officer position at one time, except in special circumstances approved by the Board.  

3.3. President:The President will be the Chief Executive Officer of the Seahawks and the President and the other Directors will have such powers and duties as generally pertain to their respective positions as well as such powers and duties as may be assigned or delegated to them from time to time by the Board. The President will preside, if present, at all meetings of the Board. If the President is absent, the Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer, in that order, will preside at Board meetings. In the event the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer are absent the meeting will either be delayed until the arrival of one of these Officers or rescheduled and no official business will be conducted and no votes taken. The President, or Acting President, will vote on only those Board votes that result in a tie and that require a vote from the President or Acting President to establish a majority.

3.4. Vice-President:The Vice-President will assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence and perform such duties as directed by the President and the Board. 

3.5. Secretary: The Secretary will prepare and maintain custody of the official minutes of Board meetings and other meetings and discussions as deemed appropriate and authenticate the records of the Seahawks.

3.6. Treasurer:The Treasurer will Chair the Financial Committee, maintain the financial records of GCC STPA, and prepare a copy of the GCC STPA annual budget for approval by the Board.

3.7. VBSL Team Representative: The VBSL Team Rep is the primary point of contact and is the overall authority for ensuring the meet requirements are met, e.g., submitting and receiving meet entries, ensuring officials are trained and positions are filled, and coordination with other teams, etc. The Team Rep is the liaison between the swim team parents and the coaches as well as between the Seahawks and the VBSL. 

3.8. Head Coach:The Head Coach will participate in Board discussions and votes, but will be excused from those proceedings on issues that involve compensation for coaches. The Head Coach will coordinate swim practices, the swim season program, and the hiring of Assistants and Volunteer Coaches with the Board and the GCC. Head and Assistant Coaches must be high school graduates, non-team swim members, and have appropriate certifications and credentials as approved by the Board.  

3.9. Qualifications and Limitations:

A. To be eligible to apply and/or be nominated for the position of President a member must have served as a Director in another position for at least one term and be a Parent in good standing.

B. Only one Parent per family may serve on the Board at the same time.

C. Any qualifications or limitations in these Bylaws may be waived or modified for any election and Director position by a majority affirmative vote of currently serving Directors.

3.10. Board Elections and Terms of Office:

A. Officers and Directors may serve for two year terms. Election or appointment to various positions will be sequenced to ensure continuity in the Board and to avoid the departure of all former Officers or Directors or the arrival of all new Officers or Directors during any one season. An Officer or Director may serve a total of two consecutive terms or four consecutive years. Officers or Directors may serve subsequent terms after an absence of one year from the Board. Officers or Directors may, however, serve more than two terms or four years if no other qualified member applies for election to the available position. Officers or Directors may serve beyond their terms until their successors are elected and qualified to serve or until a position is eliminated by a decrease in the number of Officers or Directors. 

B. Officers and Directors are elected at an Annual Parents’ Meeting in August/September of each year by a majority of votes cast by Parents eligible and entitled to vote in the election at a meeting at which a quorum is present. To be elected or appointed as an Officer or Director the member must consent to the election or appointment process and be willing to serve.

C. Director positions that become vacant during a term may be filled by an eligible member at a Special Board meeting providing the position vacancy and election to the position are announced in advance and included on the official agenda for that meeting.

D. Director positions eliminated during a term may result in either an immediate elimination of the position and the Director’s excusal from the Board or the Director may continue to serve the remaining time in the term based upon a Board vote on the issue.

3.11. Terminations,Vacancies, and Resignations:

A. The Board may terminate any Officer or Director, with or without cause, but only at a meeting called for that purpose. The advance notice of the meeting must state that one purpose of the meeting is to discuss and vote on the possible termination of the Officer of Director. Any such terminations will be effective by a majority vote of currently serving Directors in a meeting with a quorum present.

B. A vacancy on the Board resulting from either a termination, resignation, or increase in the number of Director positions may be filled by the currently serving Directors until the next annual elections or may be filled by a discussion and vote at either a Regular or Special meeting providing the position and vote are announced in advance and the issue is on the meeting agenda. The new incoming Director will commence serving on the Board on a date determined by the Board. Although Directors may normally serve in only one position at a time, under these circumstances a Director may temporarily hold more than one position.

C. Directors may resign their position at any time with a written notice to the Board. The resignation will be effective when the written notice is received by the Board or on a date discussed and voted upon by the Board.

3.12. Compensation:Directors are entitled to no compensation and will receive no compensation for their volunteer service on the Board.


4.1. Regular Board of Directors Meetings: The Board will meet at a regularly scheduled date and time, which may be modified by appropriate advance notice, as discussed and approved by the Board. The regularly scheduled meetings will be known as Regular Meetings.

4.2. Annual Parents’ Meeting: The Parents will meet annually at a date and time discussed and approved by the Board and the meeting will normally be held in August or September to review the past swim meet season, propose new policies or procedures, and elect Officers and Directors to the Board of Directors, as required.

4.3. Special Meetings:  A Special Meeting of the Board may be called by the President, or a majority of the Directors, to discuss issues and concerns of the Board or the Parents. Meetings so called will adhere to the advance notification requirements and to a specific agenda and no other issues or business may be discussed at the meeting.

4.4. Notice of Meetings: Board and Parent Regular Meetings as well as all Special Meetings will be announced in advance on the Seahawks website and by email. The notice will include the date, time, and location of the meeting and a summary of the agenda or issues to be discussed. The notice should be published at least 10 days before the meetings and no more than 60 days. Members are responsible for monitoring the GCC Swim Team website and ensuring their email listing is correct and up to date.


5.1. Board Votes: The presence of at least fifty percent of the current Directors is required for a quorum and for the transaction of business and the casting of votes at a meeting of the Board. An affirmative vote of a majority of the Directors present is an act of the Board provided the affirmative votes represent at least fifty percent of the total number of Directors.  

5.2. Parent Votes:

A. At the Annual Parents’ Meeting to elect new Officers and Directors to the Board of Directors and to conduct other announced official business, each Parent is entitled to one vote for each Officer and Director position and one vote for each business agenda item regardless of how many of their children are swimmers on the team. 

B. Swim team members under the age of 20 have no voting rights or responsibilities.


6.1. Standing Committees: The Board will establish various committees to assist in the support the Seahawks swim team. The type and number of committees may vary depending upon requirements. The committees will have a Committee Chair and Assistant Chairs as required. The Committee Chairs and Assistants are solicited from Parent volunteers and may serve by a nomination from the Parents or by appointment by the Board, both of which require a vote by the Board. The procedures for nomination, appointment, election, extension, and replacement of those serving on committees will be determined by the Board.

6.2. Types of Committees and Duties:

A. Membership Committee. The Membership Committee maintains and monitors records of the membership, provides information about the Seahawks to prospective members, and registers new members into the Seahawks swim team.

B. Social Committee: The Social Committee plans and coordinates various social events for the team, e.g., pep rallies, movie days, pool parties, poster parties, ice cream socials, pancake breakfasts, etc. 

C. Website Committee: The Website Committee maintains and updates the Website. The Committee or Webmaster will distribute meet entries and results and manage appropriate edit permission levels for the Board and Coaches.

D. Apparel Committee. The Apparel Committee coordinates the apparel items for the swimmers and team and provides such information to the Board and Parents and Swimmers for their purchase, as required.

E. Awards Banquet Committee: The Awards Banquet Committee plans and organizes the Annual Awards Banquet.

F. Concessions Committee: The Concessions Committee coordinates food, drink, and supply donations. The committee purchases, prepares, and sells concessions at home swim meets. This is the most significant fundraising activity of the team and is important to our financial status.

G. Officials Committee: The Officials Committee coordinates the training and assignment of officials, primarily the Head Referee, Starter, and Stroke and Turn Officials, for all meets.

H. Hospitality Committee: The Hospitability Committee welcomes, assists, and supports the visiting teams on home meet dual meet days. This is a position that may be combined with the VBSL Team Rep position.

I. Volunteer Committee: The Volunteer Committee plans, organizes, prepares, and assigns volunteers to their respective duties. Volunteers are essential to the Seahawks swim team. To host home meets, for example, requires about 50+ parent volunteers and to support away meets requires about 20+ volunteers. It is important that every family and parent support the volunteer requirements of our team, our swimmers, our children. A list of Meet Officials/Volunteers will be published annually.

6.3. Miscellaneous Information on Committees and Committee Meetings:

A. The provisions of these Bylaws, which govern meetings and quorum and voting requirements of the Directors and Parents, will apply to committees as well.

B. Committees may be requested and required to provide status updates to the Board at designated meetings.

C. Committee Chairs will prepare a file outlining their duties and responsibilities as a summary of the contacts and actions helpful in fulfilling the duties of the committee. This desk top instruction and turnover file will assist in providing committee knowledge and continuity for committee actions and duties from year to year.


7.1. Parliamentary Procedures: “Robert’s Rules of Order” will govern Board meetings.

7.2. Bylaw Conflicts: In the event of conflicts between these Bylaws and the VBSL or GCC rules, regulations, or bylaws, the VBSL or GCC, respectively, shall prevail.

7.3. Issues, Concerns, and Grievances: Swimmers orParents desiring to express an issue, concern, or grievance should do so professionally and personally. The initial action may be, for example, to talk politely and privately with the person you believe best able to resolve the situation. In matters pertaining to coaches or coaching, for example, the Head Coach may be the initial contact. In matters pertaining to governance, for example, one of the Officers or Directors may be the initial contact. In matters pertaining to a particular committee, for example, the Committee Chair may be the initial contact. If the situation is neither resolved nor corrected, a written letter to the Board with all relevant facts may be submitted so that it may be placed on the agenda for a discussion and a vote, as required. It is rarely, if ever, appropriate for a mass or broadcast email to be forwarded to all members without first attempting to resolve the situation in an informal personal forum or venue prior to initiating a formal or official letter or discussions with the Board.

7.4. Mission, Vision, or Principle Changes or Redirection: All issues or actions for a change or redirection in the fundamental purposes of the Seahawks swim teammust be appropriately forwarded to the Board for discussion, action, and a vote, as required. All votes must be recorded in the official minutes of the meeting and corporate records.

VIII. ARTICLE VIII. AMENDMENTS TO OR REPEAL OF THE BYLAWS: These Bylaws may be amended or repealed and new Bylaws may be written and approved at any Regular or Special meeting of the Board of Directors. Bylaws approved by the Board may be amended or repealed and new Bylaws written and approved by the Parents and the Parents may prescribe that any such Bylaws approved by them may be neither amended nor repealed by the Board without the approval of the Parents.

Signed, Witnessed, and Authenticated by the Board of Directors:

(Signed Copy of File with the Board President)





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