Volunteer Coordinator: Lori Dinsmore

Awards Banquet: Deborah Stewart

Meet Set-Up/Take Down: Jeff Harris/Stephen Do/David Stewart

Head Timer/Timer Coordinator: David Stewart

Stroke & Turn Coordination:

VBSL Team Rep/Hospitality: Caroline Bermudez

Head Referee: Sara Macdermod

Starter: Roger Lorince

The GCC Seahawks swim team is an equal opportunity team. We provide every parent an equal opportunity to support their child, our swimmers, and our team. Volunteers are essential and we are thankful for those who graciously volunteer and support our team. The volunteer requirements and opportunities for our swim meets are:
Officials Home Away
Head Referee 1  
Team Rep 1 1
Starter 1  
Chief Timer 1  
Announcer 1  
Timers 9 9
Stroke & Turn/Relay Judge 3 3
Time Scorer 1 1
Team Scorer/Meet Manager 1 1
Clerk of Course/Zoo Keeper 3 3
Timing System Operator 1 1
Runners 2  
Hospitality 1  
Concessions 8  
Awards/Ribbons 2 2
Meet Set-Up (Friday) 6  
Meet Take-Down (Saturday) 6  
Volunteers are essential to the Seahawks swim team. To plan, organize, prepare, and conduct an efficient and effective swim season and meet requires many dedicated people. Hosting a home swim meet requires about 50+ parent volunteers to perform a variety of tasks. To appropriately support away meets, requires about 20+ parent volunteers. It is extremely important that every family and every parent support the volunteer requirements of our team, our swimmers, and our children. We need volunteers.