1)  Be on time and ready; write your events on your swimmers hand. Use a marker strong enough to make the numbers last until the following Monday.  Hey, if the meet ever rains out, we may be finishing the meet as late as the following Monday!

2) Check your email on Friday morning for your swimmers' entries.  We hope to have them e emailed out as the heat sheet. Please email or call me (Jay, 757-724-1877) if you have any late cancellations or changes.  Even as late as Saturday morning, call me...hopefully after 6 am unless otherwise necessary; I can make the changes when I get to the meet, rather than worry about where someone is. If a swimmer is sick, please don’t let them swim, but let me know ASAP, so I can make changes.  The first relays are the most critical, we hate to scratch a relay; we would rather give someone else a chance.

3)  Don't expect your swimmers last event to actually be the last event on their entry sheet.  There are always a few scratches and changes in the end relay events (events #61-69).  Talk to the coaches before leaving, just in case they have an extra event in mind for you.  Be aware: a swimmer might have their other events changed, depending on scratches.  When one scratches, that may affect three and maybe even four other swimmers.

4)  They have this brand new substance invented called SUNSCREEN.  Cover a swimmer’s exposed body or they will be regretting the sun later.  If you plan on being in the sun as a timer, you just might want to apply some as well.

5)  If it isn't sunny...then it could be rainy!  Leave an umbrella and jackets in your car, just in case.  We don't cancel or reschedule a meet unless there's thunder and lightening.  Rain does not stop a meet by itself, so be prepared.

6)  Cheer our Seahawks on, Big Seahawks and Little Seahawks!  The coaches will do their best to get the swimmers pumped up, but the more cheers the better.  Be louder than the other team.  We plan on bringing back our team spirit sticks for each meet, so the swimmers who are cheering and/or making a difference in the meet will be awarded at the end of the meet.

7)  Be positive.  Every swimmer that competes will hopefully do their best.  Good sportsmanship is important between teams and teammates.  Parents, let your swimmer know that they did well or tried their best.  Let the coaches talk to or critique the swimmer before or after the race.  It's probably not the best time to reteach a stroke, but a good time to make constructive comments.  Also, their time or splits will be available shortly after their races. 

8)  If you have packed a towel, then you'll need another.  If you packed an extra one...you'll most likely need another...and so on.  Make sure you pack for the meet well.  Bringing us to the next one...

9)  A swimmer has a hard time competing in pants, shorts or shirts.  Do a SUIT CHECK!  Check to make sure the swimmer has their racing suit either on or in hand before leaving your house.  Good goggles are hard to come by.  Make sure they have their goggles and write their names on them.  If we find a pair of goggles, a suit, a team shirt or whatever after a meet, it's easier to reunite you to them if we have the name on the item.  Help us out on that.  It might be good to write, in permanent ink, names on EVERYTHING the swimmers use at the meet.

10)   The Saturday morning meets are planned to be over by 11:30am (HOME) and 1:00pm (AWAY)...Uh, yea...right. Week night meets hope to be over before it's too dark to see. Oh, yea, that's a hope. So DON'T plan on that.  The first meets of the season always have their fill of delays, etc.  If the swimmers are ready at clerk of course on time, 3 events before their event, it helps keep the meet running on time.  Relays have the most problems: getting everyone to the right spot in time, to the side of the pool they are needed on, etc.  Help get your swimmer to where they're supposed to be on time.  Keep the younger ones in the area set up for our team, rather than running back and forth.  Be careful, sometimes the meet programs are different than what is going in the meet.  I will contact all swimmers affected when events are changed.  Lanes and Heats may change by officials, tho.

One last thing is about Food for the meets:  PASTA!! Every night before and during the meet, PASTA is the best thing they can eat. I want them to be fresh and ready to race.  Bring a lot of water, Gatorade, bagels, carbo snacks,  fruit & PASTA; these are some of the best things to keep their energy level up.  Swimmers shouldn't starve themselves, either. They need constant fuel, but not the wrong kind of fuel.  The concessions are great for the team to fundraise, but normally don't have the best snacks.  Keep those snacks for after their last event.  Snacking on sugar, candy and soda is the best way to ruin a swimmer who has practiced hard all week for the meet.  It helps to pick up the swimmer real fast, but then their energy levels drop just as fast.  We need the energy to be constant.  And not eating is just as bad.  An engine with no gas will stall.  Life-time Best Times are the goal at the meet.  Preparation is important.  Practice during the week is one part, eating is another. Make sure the swimmers are carbo loading every night before the meet: PASTA IS A SWIMMER'S BEST FOOD.

Okay, see ya at the pool!      Jay Smith, email at [email protected]