Dry Diggins Dolphins – F.A.Q.

How many practices does my child need to attend?
Our team’s philosophy is that swimming is a life sport. A sport that is motivated by self improvement and continued as long as the swimmer is maintaining fun while practicing. We recommend that consistent attendance is most important. Our 9 and older swimmers we advise making as many practices as possible, however, our younger swimmers we recommend 3 to 4 practices a week. We never want to hear a child is “burned out” on swimming!

Are practices mandatory to compete in a swim meet?
No. However, in order for your child to improve and to gain confidence at swim meets, practice is needed. Roll call will be taken and consideration for relays will go to those swimmers showing consistent practice attendance.

Do we attend both morning and afternoon practices? 
No. Morning is the primary practice. Afternoon is for those swimmers still attending school and unable to make morning practice. The afternoon practice is limited in space.

How do I let Coaches know my child will not be attending a swim meet?
We have a swim meet sign in procedure. On our team’s website there is an “attend this meet” button next to each swim meet. Simply click and select “yes” or “no”.

If your swimmer becomes ill the morning of a swim meet you will be given a contact number for the coach at the start of season to call prior to 7:00 am.

How are relays formed?
The selection of relays are laid out in our handbook under “Relay Policy” and are done at the discretion of our coaching staff, on the basis of team needs within each age group and the strokes involved. Personal best times, split times from previous relay swims, and practice attendance are all considered.

What are the relays?
There are two types of relays; Free relay (all age groups participate) and Medley relay (7/8 and above participate) each composing of 4 swimmers

         Free Relay is where all members swim freestyle:

  • 6/u, 7/8, and 9/10 swim a total of 4 laps (1 lap per swimmer)
  • Swimmers #1 and #3 start from block or starting end and swimmers #2 and #4 start from other end of pool.
  • 13 and ups swim a total of 8 laps (2 laps per swimmer)

         Medley Relay is where each member swims a specific stroke.

  • The order of the relay is: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle
  • 6/un do not participate in this relay
  • 7/8 and 9/10 swim a total of 4 laps (1 specific stroke per swimmer)
  • 11/12 and above swim a total of 8 laps (2 laps of specific stroke per swimmer)

What is the Individual Medley (IM)? 
This event is for 9/10 and above. This is an event where the swimmer swims 25 yards (1 lap) of each stroke. The complete race is 100 yards (4 laps) and is swam in a specific order; Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle.

Are there rules on what a swimmer should wear? 
Swim suits are recommended. No cut offs are allowed in the pool. It is recommended that girls wear a one piece swimsuit that allows for flexibility in the arms without straps sliding down. Boys will find they swim faster in a competition style suit such as a racing jammer or brief than in traditional swim trunks.

To preserve your team suit for racing, we recommend you purchase a different suit for practice. ALWAYS rinse your child’s swimsuit out with cold water and air dry. It is beneficial to compete in a tight fitting suit. Too large of suit will result in “sagging” of the suit in short timeframe.

Do all swimmers have to wear a swim cap? 
Yes, for all those with longer hair. It is highly desired for swim meets and then the cap MUST be the team cap.

The swim cap is helpful in keeping hair out of eyes, prevent slowing down the swimmer, and to make swimmer visual to coach from sideline of pool.

There are two types of caps; silicone and latex. The care of latex cap is; dry cap, put a small amount of baby powder inside cap and rub it around (this allows for ease in putting on), and do not leave out in sun. Silicone is care free, yet thicker and more expensive.

TIP: for girls it is easier to put hair into a ponytail prior to placing cap on. Swimmer holds cap on forehead with fingers and another pulls cap up and over the back of the head. Coaches are happy to help!

Do all swimmers have to wear goggles? 
Yes, for practice. The length of practice makes it hard on the eyes and allows for clear vision. Make sure the goggles are fitted prior to practice and appropriately adjusted. For young swimmers (8 and under) TYR makes a wonderful fitting goggle for smaller faces. It is frustrating for swimmers to have ill fitting goggles, coaches are happy to help out however, it does save a lot of practice time to come prepared. There will be times your swimmer will be asked to swim short lengths without goggles to prepare for those mishaps off the starts that are certain to happen once or twice.

For swim meets it is the swimmer’s preference. As long as the swimmer is comfortable opening their eyes under water.

What does my child bring to practice? 
Every swimmer needs to bring a swim suit, swim cap if desired, goggles, a desire to have fun, and a right coachable attitude! If you need to wait through multiple practices fun activities and snacks while waiting are appropriate. Chairs are needed as well.

Water kept pool side to keep hydrated is needed as are towels to dry off and warm clothes for after practice is highly recommended.

How does my child receive their ribbons? 
We have family ribbon boxes that will be on deck the Monday following a swim meet. Each family has a file and your child(ren) ribbons will be in that file. Please do not have your child pick up their ribbon at the swim meet.

Occasionally errors occur in the ribbon writing. If you feel there is an error with your child’s ribbon, fill out the appropriate form located in the ribbon box and give to the ribbon coordinator. If the error is validated a corrected ribbon will be in your file shortly.

How are families communicated with? 
The first form of communication is through our website www.drydigginsdolphins.com.

Email contact, Facebook updates and phone announcements are also utilized as needed. It is your responsibility to frequently check our website for updated information and keep your email and phone information updated with the swim team. There is a communication center on deck at the YMCA Western Slope Aquatic Center (Union Mine High School) located at our team shed.