Important Notice

14 May 2020

Granite Bay Gators Families,

Last week the Suburban Swim League cancelled the official 2020 SSL season which meant  no official dual meets or Championships in 2020.  We were still holding out hope that we could access facilities at some point and offer a modified level of swimming this summer. Today, I received word from the RJUHSD that facilities would remain closed until at least August 1 and I regret to inform you that the Granite Bay Gators will not be able to have a 2020 swim season.


We want to thank everyone for choosing to be a part of the GB Gators, and as such, everyone who registered with the Gators this year will be considered “returning families” for next year's registration purposes. Our coaches have been putting out content on various platforms and will continue to do so. They want to provide something that fills the void, makes kids smile and families feel connected. Thank you for choosing to be part of the Granite Bay Gators Family!  


We appreciate your understanding that we still incur operating costs and rely on your support to maintain our organization and ask you to consider the following:


Convert Registration to a Donation

For our families that have the ability, please consider donating all or part of your registration fee to the Granite Bay Gators.  The GB Gators are a part of PAC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and as such, any donation may be tax deductible .  A donation of $75 per athlete will help to cover costs incurred as we try to maintain our organization. We ask you to consider this option as it would help the Granite Bay Gators tremendously. 



We recognize the unusual circumstances and we are understanding of the needs of families and have therefore waived our $50 nonrefundable fee. Anyone who wants a full refund of all fees paid will receive it.


Please use  this form  to communicate your decision regarding donation and refund amount. Thank you for being patient with this process and understanding that Jing (our registrar) is going to be going through over 200 requests. If you have specific questions regarding any of this or need additional information, please contact PAC Director John Sherman  or Gators President Richard Revelli

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and hopefully we will see you on the pool deck soon!

John Sherman

For the GB Gators Coaching Staff and the GB Gators Parent Board


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