Gators Week 1 Updates and Reminders

Jing Vergara
Apr 25, 2019

Hello Gator Families,

Thank you for bringing your kids out for a fabulous first week of practice. It has been fun to see old friends and meet new ones. We are excited about the great season ahead! We have a few Week One reminders for you. Please reach out with any questions.


Practice Equipment - Coach Rebecca would like swimmers to have their gear by the end of next week.  Swimmers need to bring fins that fit well (label with your name!), goggles (have 2 for backup) and a swim snorkel to each practice.  If you have your own kickboard, bring it...but there are some on the pool deck if needed.  Gear4Gators on is a great place to order these items.  Also a mesh bag is a great way to carry these items and hopefully not lose them between the pool and car.


 Contacting the Coaches - The coaches would like to remind parents to refrain from contacting them during practice time on the pool deck.  They are focused on running practice and maintaining safety for all your swimmers.  If you have a question for the coaches, please reach out via email  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also reach out to me directly .


Gator team suits that were ordered in the first round will be here soon. We will be distributing them on the pool deck when they arrive. Watch for more info!

If you did not get fitted or order your Gator team suit in the first round, there is another suit fitting in the GBHS Gym lobby tonight from 6-8pm. Stop by to get fitted. The Hardcore Sport online store is open April 24-May 5for orders. 


Gator Gear Clothing & Hats - All items in stock will be for sale from 6:30-8:30pm at the mandatory parent meeting on Monday, 4/29 in the GBHS Theater and on the pool deck at time trials on May 5th. New Gator Gear can be ordered through Gear4Gators on


Gator Coins Store- All swimmers 6&U through 11-12will start earning Gator coins from coaches during practice next week for having a great attitude, listening, being helpful, working hard, etc.... Kids will be able to buy prizes from the Gator Store each week of the season starting after time trials. We would love any donations of new or used toys for the Gator Store. Some popular items: stuffed animals, candy, party favors, games, anything that your kids are into! Skip Goodwill and drop off donations at the pool deck anytime during practice. If you are interested in helping with the Gator Store this season, please email Gator Store is awesome!!!


Stroke & Turn Reminder- We are looking for some parents to volunteer to be stroke & turn judges.  This is an important part of our swim meets as it helps the swimmers learn where they need to improve and keeps the meets fair for both teams.  As a stroke & turn judge you’ll not only be knowledgeable in the technical aspects of the strokes your swimmers are doing but you’ll have a prime viewing spot to see all the action.

Stroke and Turn Training
Our training date is: Sunday, April 28 at 12:00 PM
Broadstone Raquet Club, Folsom
Please email if you're available to attend.

We are also looking for meet referee/starters.  These are the people who ensure the swimmers are set on the blocks and officially start each heat/monitor false starts.  Let Richard or Molly know if you’re interested.

Thank you again for your support and helping kick off a fun Gator season with lots of fast swimming! As always, we are here to answer any questions!