Gators Start Tomorrow!

Jing Vergara
Apr 21, 2019

Granite Bay Gators Families,

Monday kicks off our 2019 Gators swim season and our coaching staff and board is looking forward to another great season of family fun and fast swimming!

We wanted to highlight a few things to remember as we get started:

  1. Practices are for 10 & U are leveled all season, please check your swimmers in levels in your account.

  2. Practices will stay evenings all year.  Times adjust slightly on May 6th.

  3. We will move to Oakmont when the GBHS pool closes for construction, estimated 6/1.

Coach Rebecca wants to remind everyone that the first week is always the most hectic as swimmers are getting used to new routine and coaches get to know new swimmers and organize practices effectively.  Coach Josh will miss the first 2 weeks with a unique opportunity to travel in Italy, but our staff will solidify as the season progresses and as college coaches schedules become more consistent.

See you at the pool,

John Sherman

PAC Director