GBG Volunteer Donation Opportunity

Open for Returning Members

2/1/23 - 6/1/23

Open for New Members

2/1/23 - 6/1/23

4 Members

This year the Gators will be offering a limited donation opportunity to help us fund our season.  In exchange for a donation of $1000, the donating family will be excused from all volunteer obligations this year!

We will only have 10 spots available for this opportunity and the first 5 families who donate $1,000 will be the lucky families! Donations to our nonprofit organization are tax deductible. 

These donations will go to essential supplies to help the Gators kick off a successful season including purchasing new tents, chairs and other supplies we need to support our team.

We are also looking for businesses to sponsor our team this year. Please look at our website for sponsorship opportunities and let us know if your business is willing to sponsor or donate. 

Thank you for helping us have an amazing season!