Green Group

Should consist primarily of  8 & Unders. Novice swimmers with minimal swim team experience. Swimmers that have the basic concepts of freestyle and backstroke. We will emphasize teaching proper technique through use of drills and games.  This will also help in training for lap completion without equipment. Diving will occur multiple times per week.


  • Side breathing proficiency
  • Consistent Streamlines
  • Lap completion freestyle & backstroke
  • Diving/jumping from block

White Group

Will be a mix of all ten and unders. Swimmers with some swim team experience who have a familiarity with all strokes but are not necessarily legal.  We will be pushing for legality in breast and fly with drills integrated into sets. We will be introducing how to read and use a clock in swimming. We want our kids to know what their times mean.  


  • Legality in all strokes
  • Build endurance using clock training (understanding timing)
  • Consistent underwater work
  • Continued attention to the detail of back and free

Black Group

A mix of strong ten and unders. Swimmers have swim team experience and are legal in all strokes and have demonstrated coachability. We will be teaching the structure of each part of the stroke with advanced drills and terminology. Swimmers will be challenged with interval training to continue their learning of clock use.  Underwater work will be an integral part of each practice. This group of swimmers will develop a strong kick to build endurance and speed.


  • Mastery of stroke mechanics
  • Interval training
  • Consistent underwater work
  • Emphasis on building a strong kick