Get Involved!
The Granite Bay Gators will need a lot of support to help our team swim well.  Contact your board members to find out how you can get involved.  Do you have a specific skill you’d like to provide to the Gators?  Come join the fun and let’s make this year a great one!

General Gator Questions?  Email [email protected]

Board Members

Position Name E-Mail    
President Patrick Luby
[email protected]
Vice President Jae Redline      
Volunteer Coordinator Dennis Hailey
[email protected]
Treasurer Joe Harrington [email protected]  
Secretary Michele Tong [email protected]    
Team Communications Michele Tong [email protected]    
Fundraising Heather Clemmer [email protected]  
Socials Jenny Plant/Tessa Swinney [email protected]  

Gators Registrar

Jing Vergara/Charles Dudley

[email protected]

Team Concierge Rudy Placido [email protected]    
Historian Annabelle Hansen      
Meet Operations Brian Hansen      
SSL League Representative Patrick Luby [email protected]    
Head Coach Michael Hansen [email protected]  


Past President Dan McNamara      
PAC Director Patrick Luby/Brian Hansen [email protected]    
PAC Registrar Jing Vergara/Charles Dudley [email protected]