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Welcome to Granite Bay Gators Swim Team. Established in 2005, the Granite Bay Gators is an independent summer swim team operated under the Placer Aquatics Club (PAC). In 2011, the Gators joined the Suburban Swim League, which consists of eight swim teams and 1,800 swimmers. Our program typically runs from the beginning of May to the end of July and includes swimmers from 5-18 years of age. Our seasoned coaching staff is responsible for conducting all practices and meets and the Parent Board manages the day-to-day operation and finances of the team.

Team Philosophy

The goal of the Granite Bay Gator Swim Team is the development of lifelong positive attitudes and skills through the sport of competitive swimming. All individuals in the league, both as spectator or participant, should be guided by the following goal: Within the parameters of the team and the league, an individual is encouraged to grow to his or her full potential.

Suburban Swim League

The Suburban Swim League (SSL) was formed in 1967 and has a long history of supporting recreational swimming within the greater Sacramento area. Three of the original five founding teams still participate in the league which includes the following teams:

  1. College Green Gators – Member since 1967
  2. El Dorado Hills Tasmanian Devils – Member since 1967
  3. Park Terrace Penguins – Member since 1967 (Not a member between 1974 and 1981)
  4. Folsom Sea Otters – Member since 1988
  5. Loomis Basin Dolphins – Member since 1988
  6. Sierra Sharks – Member since 1993
  7. Broadstone Barracudas – Member since 2002
  8. Granite Bay Gators – Member since 2011

The SSL is a recreational league and utilizes a defined period of inactivity called the Quiet Period to differentiate the league from USA Swimming programs. The Quiet Period limits the amount of in-water, coached training to 12 hours or less between February 15th and the official start of the season. Highschool swimmers are exempt from this rule so that they can continue to compete throughout their swim season and serve as role models for the younger swimmers.

During registration, you will be asked to confirm the following statement: I hereby certify that my swimmer(s) has not exceeded twelve (12) hours of in-water, coached activity during the period February 15th through the first day of regular season practice, with these exceptions in participation 1) on his or her high school or NCAA swim team; 2) water polo activities; 3) Red-Cross sponsored livesaving courses.


Swimmers who have reached their 5th birthday and who have not reached their 19th birthday by June 15th are eligible to swim with the Granite Bay Gators. The age group a swimmer competes in for the entire League season is determined by the participant’s age on June 15th of that season.

Returning swimmers in good standing on the official team roster at the end of the previous season and their siblings will automatically be eligible to register as a returning family by the returning swimmer deadline. To be considered a returning swimmer in good standing, a swimmer must be an active participant and the swimmer’s family must have completed parent participation/service responsibilities. At the discretion of the Parent Board, a wait list may be established if the number of swimmers in a particular age/gender exceeds the number of swimmers that would negatively impact our coach’s ability to meet our coaching responsibilities. All fees for season participation are due at registration.

Refund Policy

Swimmers who decide to leave the Granite Bay Gators and provide written notice to the swim team President prior to the Friday before time trials shall receive a registration refund, less a $50 nonrefundable processing fee. No refunds will be authorized after Friday before time trials.

Team Communication

The Granite Bay Gators maintain a website ( which is the primary means of communications for all team information. Email is used frequently to communicate important information such as sign-out deadlines, meet details, social events and practice schedule updates. In addition, a weekly newsletter will be emailed to all families throughout the season. It is the responsibility of each family to check the website and read team emails regularly. All contact information for the coaches and parent board is available on the website and you are encouraged to reach out to these individuals with any questions you may have. General questions can be sent to [email protected]

Current Meet Schedule

Please see this page for the updated meet schedule.

Social and Team Events

The Granite Bay Gators plan social events throughout the season that are designed to be family-friendly and provide a welcoming atmosphere for swimmers and their families. Various age group and all-team social events are offered. Details will be made available on the website and advanced signup is required for all social events for planning purposes. Please refer to the Granite Bay Gators website for a complete list of team social events. They may include the following:

  • Parent Meeting for NEW families
  • Age Group Socials
  • Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser
  • Gators Night at Sunsplash
  • Pre-Champs Party
  • Awards Night

Coaching Staff

Please refer to this page for the latest information about our FANTASTIC coaching staff.

Coaches' Responsibilities

The coaches of the Granite Bay Gators are employees of the Placer Aquatics Club (PAC) and are under the direction of the PAC Director. The Gators coaches along with the Gators Parent Board and Coaching Committee are responsible for the planning, organizing and direction of all the activities of the swim team. Each Gators coach is certified by the American Red Cross in Lifeguard Training, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid for Lifeguards. Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Develop season plan for team and age groups.
  2. Organize and direct team practices.
  3. Supervise the safe and effective operation of facilities during team functions.
  4. Responsible for discipline and control of team members during all team functions.
  5. Supervise proper use of all training equipment.
  6. Coach and instruct swimmers on all facets of competitive swimming.
  7. Prepare entries for league meets, practice meets and Championships.
  8. Attend team social activities and work to instill a sense of team camaraderie.
  9. Develop positive attitudes and motivate team members towards competition.
  10. Perform first aid as necessary.

Practice Leveling

Building on the success of previous years, we will utilize the concept of leveling for our U-10 group. The goal is to provide focused coaching for those 7/8 year-old swimmers and new swimmers who may not have experience in breaststroke and/or butterfly. The practice group assignment is at the discretion of the Coaching Staff. Please do NOT send your swimmer to any practice other than his/her assigned practice. For more information about the different swim level group goals, please refer to the 10&U Swim Group Goals page.

Practice Schedule

Please refer to this page for the latest information about the practice schedule

Granite Bay Gator Facility Rules

  1. No running on the pool deck.
  2. All playing must be in a safe and courteous manner.
  3. No profanity allowed.
  4. No swimmers in the water unless coach or guard is on duty.
  5. Swimmers are not allowed to “wander” outside of fenced pool area.
  6. Swimmers are not allowed to climb fences or play on bleachers.
  7. No misuse of any equipment or mistreatment of the pool facility will be tolerated.
  8. During workout, swimmers must remain in the pool unless directed by coach.
  9. Except for exact practice times, swimmers must be supervised by parent/guardian.
  10. No gum allowed.
  11. Always keep our pool area clean.
  12. All swimmers with hair past the chin must wear a cap.

Violation of the above rules may result in the swimmer being suspended temporarily or permanently from swim team workouts, meets and activities.

Swimmers’ Responsibilities

All Gators will be responsible for the following:

  1. Attend assigned practice on a regular basis.
  2. Attend dual meets.
  3. Attend Championships.
  4. Have a positive attitude.
  5. Wear the team cap and/or suit at all meets.
  6. Arrive at all practice sessions on time.
  7. Aid in setting up and putting away all equipment.
  8. Encourage teammates.
  9. Be a part of team by getting involved in practice, meets, and socials.
  10. Set individual goals.
  11. Have fun!

Discipline Policy for Swimmers

The following is a general progression of discipline applied by the coaches to the swimmers for such reason as unsafe or rowdy behavior. Disrespectful or foul language, disobedience, belligerence, or anything else deemed as disruptive behavior.

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Swimmer set out of practice
  3. Removal from practice and parent notified
  4. Suspension from the team
  5. Removal from the team

Parents’ Responsibilities

The positive involvement of parents is the most critical component of a successful season. All Gator parents will be responsible for the following:

  1. Attend the annual parent meeting.
  2. Fulfill parent volunteer/participation requirements.
  3. Check family folder routinely and read team communications to stay informed.
  4. Support the coaches and team with a positive attitude.
  5. Arrange to attend swim meets.
  6. If you must miss a meet, sign out prior to the deadline posted for the event.
  7. Make arrangements to get children to and from practices and meets on time.
  8. Participate in team social activities; most team functions are planned for families.
  9. Be your kid’s biggest fan by being supportive and positive.
  10. Do not coach your child; leave the stroke instruction to the coaches and cheer them on!
  11. Have fun being involved and help to create a great team environment.

Parent Volunteer Requirements

Please refer to the volunteering page for more information.

Parent Board Responsibilities

The Granite Bay Gator Parent Board is a committee of parents who volunteer to coordinate all necessary tasks associated with the running of a summer league swim team. They work throughout the year in conjunction with the coaches and the PAC board to ensure the long-term success and operation of the Granite Bay Gators. Responsibilities include:

  1. Coordinate the parent volunteer jobs associated with running a team.
  2. Maintain financial responsibility for the teams operations.
  3. Develop fundraising ideas into feasible and practical operations.
  4. Post and maintain accurate records of meet results, times and scores for team.
  5. Represent the team membership in necessary decisions.
  6. Communicate necessary information to the team members and families.
  7. Run all home meets.
  8. Answer questions from the parents.
  9. Be advocates for the swimmers.
  10. Pursue policy changes that are necessary for team functionality.
  11. Support the coaching staff in directing the team and enforcing policy.
  12. Represent the Granite Bay Gators with the Suburban Swim League.
  13. Plan social activities.

Parent Board Members

Please refer to this page for the current list of board members.

Swim Meet Details

Dual Meets

A dual meet is a league competition between two teams. A swimmer may enter no more than three individual events and two relay events in a dual meet. Parents are allowed to select individual events for their swimmers and we will do our best to enter the swimmer in at least two of the three requested events. The entries are reviewed and final approval is at the discretion of the coaching staff. Changes made to selected events by coaching staff are to help the swimmers and the team.

A swimmer can score points for the team in any heat and the top three places for the event receive points. Individual races are broken into five categories: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and individual medley. The individual medley (IM) consists of equal lengths of four strokes in the following order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. All relay races involve four swimmers on each team. The medley relay consists of each member swimming an equal distance in a different stroke in the order of back, breast, fly and free. The 6 & under coed relay event consists of any combination of girl and boy swimmers. Official scoring for dual meets is as follows:

Place Individual Relay
1st 5 7
2nd 3 3
3rd 1 1

SSL Championships 

The League Championship Meet will be held at the end of the season at a designated swimming facility. All eight teams from Suburban Swim League will compete. A swimmer must participate in a minimum of three (3) league dual meets to be eligible to swim in the championship meet and sign-ups will be held mid-season. Swimmers will NOT be automatically entered into the SSL Championship meet; you MUST register your swimmer prior to the deadline which will be communicated to the team in early June.

The SSL Championship meet is a three-day meet beginning Friday evening with the individual medley qualifying heats. Saturday includes the individual medley finals followed by qualifying and final events for backstroke, freestyle and relays. Sunday includes qualifying events and finals for breaststroke and butterfly and relays. A swimmer may swim in every individual event for their age group, with the exception of freestyle where there can be just on entry (short or long). Each team may enter no more than two relay teams per event, and only one (1) relay team is official (scored) at the championship meet. The relay entries are prepared and submitted by the coaches at their discretion.

Parents are REQUIRED to volunteer each day that your child swims in the Championship Meet.


All costs associated with the operations of the team such as pool rental, coaching salaries, awards and trophies, meet supplies, etc. are included as part of the swimmer registration fees. The Gators use monies raised from fundraising for social events and for the purchase of capital improvements for the team such as ready benches, tents, new stopwatches, etc. Fundraising is accomplished by offering team sponsorship opportunities, an annual Swim-A-Thon event, and other events such as restaurant nights. All Gator members are encouraged to participate in the Swim-A-Thon event.

Helpful Hints

  • On the day of meets: All swimmers must check in with a coach by 6:50 am with no exceptions. Parents may not check in for their child; a coach must see your child’s face.
  • Have your children stay with the designated team areas.
  • It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you child gets to the ready bench or starting blocks on time. PLEASE DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF AT THE MEET AND PICK THEM UP AFTER THE MEET.
  • Please remember to sign out of meets you will not be attending. This is a requirement and will help the coaches plan the meet.
  • Please ensure that your child’s name is on all of their belongings brought to the meet.
  • Swimmers should drink lots of water or Gatorade to avoid dehydration on hot summer days.
  • Remember to apply sun block throughout the day.
  • Be ready to swim and have fun! For those of you who are 1st time parents, here is a list of things that you should always bring to meets:
  • Money for the snack bar
  • Snacks and drinks in a cooler
  • 2 towels
  • Sweatpants and shirt
  • Goggles
  • Team cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Games, books, markers, cards, etc.
  • Pen & highlighter
  • Chairs for each parent
  • Sleeping bags for cold mornings
  • Tarp; the ground can be wet in the morning. EZ-ups and tents are allowed in addition to those provided by the Gators.

League Pools and Driving Directions

Directions to the away meets are provided on the Gators website. Please check the site for the latest information regarding away meets and driving directions.