All swimmers are required to swim a minimum of three SSL season meets (not including Time Trials) to be eligible to compete at Championships.

Swimmers’ Responsibilities
All Gators will be responsible for the following:
1. Attend practice on a regular basis.
2. Attend dual meets.
3. Attend Championships.
4. Have a positive attitude.
5. Wear the team suit at all meets, but never to practice.
6. Arrive at all practice sessions on time.
7. Aid in setting up and putting and away all equipment.
8. Encourage your teammates.
9. Be a part of team by getting involved in practice, meets, and socials.
10. Only Gators or PAC swim caps allowed at practice, only Gators caps at meets.
11. Set individual goals.
12. Have Fun Swimming Fast!

Parents’ Responsibilities
The positive involvement of parents is the most critical component of a successful season. All Gator parents will be responsible for the following:
1. Attend the annual Kickoff meeting.
2. Volunteer at every meet your child attends.
3. Check family folder regularly and read team communications to stay informed.
4. Support the coaches and team with a positive attitude.
5. Arrange to make swim meets; this is why your kids practice.
6. Make arrangements to get children to and from practices and meets on time.
7. Participate in team social activities; most team functions are planned for families.
8. Be your kid’s biggest fan. Tell them they did great and be supportive.
9. Do not coach your child. Leave the stopwatch at home and always be positive.
10. Have fun being involved and help to create a great team environment!

Coaches Responsibilities
The coaches of the Granite Bay Gators are employees of the Placer Aquatics Club (PAC) and are under the direction of the PAC head swim coach. The Gators coaches, along with the Gators Parent Board, are responsible for the planning, organizing and directing of all the activities of the swim team. Specific responsibilities are as follows:
1. Develop season plan for team and age groups.
2. Organize and direct team practices.
3. Supervise the safe and effective operation of facilities during team functions.
4. Responsible for discipline and control of team members during all team functions.
5. Supervises proper use of all training equipment.
6. Coach and instruct swimmers on all facets of competitive swimming.
7. Prepares entries for league meets, practice meets and Championships.
8. Work with Parent Board to train, supervise and coordinate efforts of parents.
9. Attends team social activities and works to instill a sense of team camaraderie.
10. Develops positive attitudes and motivate team members towards competition.
11. Performs first aid as necessary.

Parent Board Responsibilities
The Granite Bay Gator Parent Board is a committee of parents who volunteer to coordinate all necessary tasks associated with the running of a summer league swim team. Their job is to work all year, in conjunction with the coaches and the PAC board, to ensure the long-term success and operation of the Granite Bay Gators.
1. Coordinate the parent volunteer jobs associated with running a team.
2. Maintain financial responsibility for the teams operations.
3. Develop fundraising ideas into feasible and practical operations.
4. Post and maintain accurate records of meet results, times and scores for team.
5. Represent the team membership in necessary decisions.
6. Communicate necessary information to the team members and families.
7. Run all swim meets.
8. Answer questions from the parents (with the exception of coaching questions).
9. Be advocates for the swimmers.
10. Pursue policy changes that are necessary for team functionality.
11. Support the coaching staff in directing the team and enforcing policy.
12. Represent the Granite Bay Gators to the League.
13. Plan social activities.