2022 Fall Swim Session - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Fall Swim Program?
The Fall Swim Program is a fun opportunity to connect on the Belwood pool deck and enjoy some final organized swimming time before the summer ends. It is a great opportunity to swim against the clock and stay connected to the swim community as we enter into the fall season.

Is the Belwood Fall Swim Program the same as the Dolphins Swim Team?
No, while many of the same coaches and families will be participating we do not compete in the Valley Cabana Swim League.

Does my child have to know how to swim to participate in the program?
Yes! For safety reasons, every swimmer needs to be able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards). The Belwood Cabana (not the Dolphins swim team), offers swim lessons.  Check out their website:  http://www.belwoodhomes.org for more information.

My child does not swim very fast, can he/she still participate?
Yes! This program is all about improving your technique, getting exercise, and having fun with other Belwood Dolphins.

What time is practice for the Fall Swim Program? 
Mon, Tues, and Thurs. 
9yo and under 4:15-5:00
10yo and older 5:00-6:00

How often is my child required to go to practice?
Once practices start your child is encouraged to swim at all practices each week. Remember, you get out of practice what you put into practice. Therefore, come to practice!!!

When are the Belwood 'Fall Swim Program' meets going to be held?
The 3 time-trial style meets for the 2022 Fall Swim Program are scheduled for..... These dates have changed. The new swim meet dates are: September 16th, September 2rd, and September 29th.

Is it a problem if I can't go to all of the meets?
Making it to all of the meets is strongly encouraged because we are only having 3 timed meets and participation will allow you to see how you are progressing.

What are the volunteer requirements?
These are still TBD, but in general we are asking all members to:
     - Complete support shifts (such as setup or timing) at each of the swim meets.

What is the cost for the 2022 Fall Swim Program?
The registration fee for the 2022 Fall swim program is $200 for "Class A" and "Class D" members, and $225 for "Attached" members.

How does registration priority work?
Membership priority criteria for the Belwood Dolphins is as follows:
     1) Returning HOA "Class A" Member Swimmers
     2) New HOA "Class A" Member Swimmers
     3) Returning "Class D" Member Swimmers
     4) New "Class D" Member Swimmers
     5) Returning "Attached Member" Swimmers
     6) Siblings of Returning "Attached Member" Swimmers
     7) New "Attached Members" Swimmers

Is my child considered a 'Returning Swimmer' if they swam in a Fall Swim Program Before?
The Belwood Dolphins Fall Swim Program is different than the Belwood Swim Team. If you did not swim with the Swim Team before you would be considered a 'new swimmer' for registration purposes, even if you actively participated in any of our fall swim programs before.

Am I an Attached, Class A or Class D Member?
Class A Member:  You live in the “Class A” Belwood neighborhood (click to see map) and are required to pay Belwood HOA fees every year and you PAID THIS YEAR.  Members of the HOA who have not paid, cannot be on the swim team.

Class D Member:  You live in the “Class D” Belwood neighborhood (click to see map). You have the option to pay Belwood HOA fees every year and you PAID THIS YEAR.  If you did not pay the HOA this year, you are considered an "Attached Member" in our system for swim team purposes during registration.

Attached Member: You do not live in the “Class A” or “Class D” Belwood neighborhood (click to see map) OR you are "Class D" member but did not pay HOA this year. With this membership you are attached to the Belwood community via active participation on the swim team and only able to use the cabana during a swim team events.

Did you get the registration check we mailed (or dropped off)?
You will receive a personal email regarding payment only if we have NOT received your check. If you do not get an email from the registrar about payment that is good news. Please note due to the detailed process we go through in finalizing our team roster registration checks will not be cashed for a number of weeks. Especially if your family is on the waitlist.

Can I get a refund if things don't work out?
Yes. The last day to request a refund is August 26th.