2023 Swim Team - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Belwood Swim Team?
The Belwood Swim Team is a fun opportunity to swim competitively against other cabana communities in the Valley Cabana League. There is a strict limit of 150 swimmers and priority regstration policies apply. See more information below.

Does my child have to know how to swim to participate on the team?
Yes! For safety reasons, every swimmer needs to be able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards). The Belwood Cabana (not the Dolphins swim team) offers swim lessons.  Check out their website:  http://www.belwoodhomes.org for more information about swim lessons. 

My child does not swim very fast, can he/she still be on the team?
Yes! Team points are awarded for swimmers who place and swimmers who improve their times at meets. Everyone can contribute to the team.

Does the swim team have tryouts? 
Yes, given that swimmer abilities can vary dramatically at different age groups, for safety reasons all new swimmers (those who have never swam for the team before) must attend a tryout session. This year tryouts will be held in a drop format from 4:00pm to 5:30pm on April 18, 19, and 20.

Where do we buy our Team Swimsuits?
Swimsuits for approved team members can be purchased at SwimOutlet - Link Here.

How often is my child required to go to practice?
Once practice starts, practice is available 5 days a week.

While school is still in session we ask that you go to practice as often as you are able to (we do realize that other sports and activities can conflict with swim practice in the spring).  Come when you can (1+ days a week is fine), but don't wait until May to show up to practice!

Once summer starts, your child is encouraged to swim 5 days a week. Remember, you get out of practice what you put into practice. Therefore, come to practice!!!

What time is practice? 
The tentative practice schedule below is preliminary and subject to change. Swimmers are grouped by age and ability.

For New Swim Team Members Only - First Practice is the Week of April 24 - 27
Under 6: 4:00 to 4:30
Ages 8, 9, 10: 4:30 to 5:00
Ages 11-18: 5:00 to 5:45

May 1 - June 9:  All Swimmers

Monday - Friday Saturdays May 6, 13, & 20

Group 1:  3:45 - 4:15
Group 2:  4:15 - 5:00
Group 3:  5:00 - 6:00
Group 4:  5:45 - 6:45

Group 4: 8:30 - 9:30
Group 3: 9:30 - 10:30
Group 2: 10:30 - 11:15
Group 1: 11:15 - 11:45

June 12 - July 7:  All Swimmers

Monday - Thursday Fridays

Group 4:  7:30 - 8:45
Group 3:  8:30 - 9:30
Group 2:  9:30 - 10:30
Group 1:  10:30 - 11:15

Group 3: 7:30 - 8:30 
Group 2: 8:15 - 9:15 
Group 1: 9:15 - 10:15
Group 4: 10:15 - 11:15    

July 10 - July 14:  All Swimmers

Monday - Thursday Friday July 14

Group 4:  8:00 - 9:00
Group 3:  8:45 - 9:45
Group 2:  9:30 - 10:15
Group 1:  10:15 - 10:55

Group 4: 9:00 - 9:30 
Group 3: 9:30 - 10:00 
Group 2: 10:00 - 10:30
Group 1: 10:30 - 11:00.  


When are the Swim team meets going to be held?
The meets for the 2022 swim team are listed in the "Swim Meets" tab located on the top of the page.

Is it a problem if I can't go to all of the meets?
Making it to all of the meets is strongly encouraged because low attendance at meets affects our team score. However, you are allowed to miss one dual meet during the season. If you can, try to schedule your missed weekend over Bye Week, Fourth of July weekend.  Make sure you let the head coach know by declaring or not declaring your swimmers in the Team Unify System. It is expected that families make every effort possible to attend Champs (because attendance affects our scoring). There is a $50 fine per swimmer who does not attend Champs at the end of the season and swimmers will automatically be put on the waitlist during registration if they cannot attend Champs. This is to ensure that swimmers who can attend Champs have priority. Please e-mail [email protected] if you are in this situation.

What are the volunteer requirements?
     - Complete 1 support shift at each of the 5 swim meets (approximately 2 hours per shift).
     - Complete 1 support shift at the Championship Meet (Champs).
     - Complete 1 Friday night set-up (prior to a home meet), 1 Saturday afternoon clean-up for the same home  
        meet, and 1 assigned snack shack food donation during the season.
     - Complete 3 volunteer shifts or food donations for a team spirit activity during the season.

What is the cost for the 2023 Swim Team?
The registration fee for the 2023 Swim Team is $300 per swimmer for "Class A" and "Class D" members, and $300 per swimmer for "Attached" members. Attached members are required to pay a $250 HOA fee per family.

How does registration priority work?
Membership priority criteria for the Belwood Dolphins is as follows:
     1) Returning HOA "Class A" Member Swimmers
     2) New HOA "Class A" Member Swimmers
     3) Returning "Class D" Member Swimmers
     4) New "Class D" Member Swimmers
     5) Returning "Attached Member" Swimmers
     6) Siblings of Returning "Attached Member" Swimmers
     7) New "Attached Members" Swimmers

Is my child considered a 'Returning Swimmer' if they swam in a Fall Swim Program Before?
The Belwood Dolphins Fall Swim Program is different than the Belwood Swim Team. If you did not swim with the Swim Team before you would be considered a 'new swimmer' for registration purposes, even if you may have actively participated in our Fall Swim Program.

Am I an Attached, Class A or Class D Member?
Class A Member:  You live in the “Class A” Belwood neighborhood (click to see map) and are required to pay Belwood HOA fees every year and you PAID THIS YEAR.  Members of the HOA who have not paid, cannot be on the swim team.

Class D Member:  You live in the “Class D” Belwood neighborhood (click to see map). You have the option to pay Belwood HOA fees every year and you PAID THIS YEAR.  If you did not pay the HOA this year, you are considered an "Attached Member" in our system for swim team purposes during registration.

Attached Member: You do not live in the Belwood HOA zone (click to see map) OR you are "Class D" member but did not pay HOA this year. With this membership you are attached to the Belwood community via active participation on the swim team and only able to use the cabana during a swim team events.

Did you get the registration check we mailed (or dropped off)?
You will receive a personal email regarding payment only if we have NOT received your check. If you do not get an email from the registrar about payment that is good news. Please note due to the detailed process we go through in finalizing our team roster registration checks will not be cashed for a number of weeks. Especially if your family is on the waitlist.

I can't access my online account, why not?
If you are registering as a New Member on the website you will receive Sign In Instructions (via email) granting you access to your private online account ONLY AFTER your payment is recieved and your restration for the swim team is approved. If you are an existing member, your account will only be reactivated after recieving payment AND our preliminary roster has been established.

Can I get a refund if things don't work out?
Yes. Check the calendar for the last day to get a refund. It's usually 2 weeks after tryouts.