Exeter Eels Swim Team

Who Are We?

The Exeter Eels Swim Team is a member of the Central Valley Recreational Swim League.  The Exeter Eels are NOT affiliated with The City of Exeter Park & Recreation Department.  The Exeter Eels Executive Board reserves the right to limit the team size in order to maintain a proper swimmer/coach ratio and insure adequate pool time.  The swimmer/coach ratios are monitored throughout the season to maintain this balance between coaches and swimmers.  Registration will be held online & poolside to fill specific age groups.

The program provides the opportunity for children ages 18 & under to participate in a competitive swimming program in a fun and safe environment.  Teams are determined by the child's age as of June 1st of each year.

The program is structered for a swimmer that has advanced beyond the need for individual instruction on various strokes.  Our aim is to aid the swimmer in using those strokes in a competitive arena.  Swimmers who are in need of individual instruction will be encouraged to seek private lessons.

The program emphasizes participation, physical fitness, skill development, building self-esteem and fair play.  We recognize the various developmental stages of children and the value of participation in a non-critical environment.  We do not believe that individual success should be determined solely by winning or losing.

Questions?  Please contact us.



REVENUES 2014 2015 Budget 2015 2016 Budget 2016
Registration Fees 12,371 12,000 10,575    
Volunteer Fees 1,425        
Apparel 2,070        
Sponsorship 1,900 2,000 1,165    
Consessions 7,161.87 2,000 870    
Time Trails Prog. 673.35        
Misc. Revenue   1,500 114    
TOTAL REVENUE 25,601.36 17,500 12,724    
EXPENSES 2014 2015 Budget 2015 2016 Budget 2016
Dues 869 500 399    
Apparel 2,580.77        
Insurance 1,747 2,000 1,639.45    
Professional Fees 850        
Equipment 5,576.04        
Bank Fees 9.00        
Office 427.88        
Concessions 1,952.99 1,000 150    
Payroll 10,300.50 10,300      
Awards/Banners 2,375.54 3,000 1,375.77    
Misc. Expenses   1,000 515.74    
TOTAL EXPENSES 26,688.72 17,800 4,080.96    
Gross Profit (Loss) (1,087.36)