Exeter Eels Swim Team

Who Are We?

The Exeter Eels Swim Team is a member of the Central Valley Recreational Swim League.  The Exeter Eels are NOT affiliated with The City of Exeter Park & Recreation Department.  The Exeter Eels Executive Board reserves the right to limit the team size in order to maintain a proper swimmer/coach ratio and insure adequate pool time.  The swimmer/coach ratios are monitored throughout the season to maintain this balance between coaches and swimmers.  Registration will be held online & poolside to fill specific age groups.

The program provides the opportunity for children ages 18 & under to participate in a competitive swimming program in a fun and safe environment.  Teams are determined by the child's age as of June 1st of each year.

The program is structered for a swimmer that has advanced beyond the need for individual instruction on various strokes.  Our aim is to aid the swimmer in using those strokes in a competitive arena.  Swimmers who are in need of individual instruction will be encouraged to seek private lessons.

The program emphasizes participation, physical fitness, skill development, building self-esteem and fair play.  We recognize the various developmental stages of children and the value of participation in a non-critical environment.  We do not believe that individual success should be determined solely by winning or losing.

Questions?  Please contact us.