March Account Statements

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March Account Statements

Dear VRSTC Members, Summer is getting closer!  Which means we are also in the midst of annual dues accounting for the 2019 season. With our change in account administration that occurred this winter, our new team is working on closing our books for last year as well as managing billing for this coming year.  As such, your statements will be arriving in-home during the next week. As with all prior years, the club's dues payment schedule remains the same:
  • March 1 ($475),
  • April 1 ($475) and
  • May 1 ($250).

If you've already paid for the full year - thank you, you're set. If you are paying choosing the payment schedule, your March 1 and April 1 payments ($950) MUST be received by April 1, or post marked by April 1st, to avoid a late fee of $50. 

If your dues have not been paid in full by May 1, you will be assessed a late fee of $100, without exceptions.  This is the same schedule that's been in place at the club, and payments can be scheduled with your banking institution or on your smart phone to make the dates.

Thank you for respecting the payment schedule, and partnering with us to avoid those painful late fees.

Last, a reminder to send your first and last name and preferred email address to [email protected] for electronic billing set up.  We need all of you to participate in this evolution.

Your Board of Trustees