Adult Tennis

Please welcome our new tennis pro, Jeff Rice from TCSP! 


Hello View Ridge Swim and Tennis Club! 

I am excited to become a part of your community this year and help continue the great tennis tradition at VRSTC! I believe that I know many of you already, but look forward to meeting all the members of VRSTC very soon. For those of you that do not know me, here is a little background about me:  

I started playing tennis at the age of 9 and grew up playing in the Pacific West tennis club system that dominated the 80s and 90s in the south Puget Sound region. I attended Decatur High School in Federal Way, where I won a Washington 4A State doubles title and was ranked in the top 10 of the PNW junior section. 

The sunny and warm climate of Hawaii was calling me after high school, so I attended BYU-Hawaii playing tennis for them all 4 years. The pinnacle of my college career was helping the team win the NCAA Division II National Championship in 2003 which was an incredible experience. I graduated in 2005 earning a degree in Exercise Sports Science with a minor degree in Psychology.  

After a fun and rewarding college stint, I jumped right into coaching full-time after graduating and eventually became the head pro of Puyallup Bally’s Fitness & Tennis Center. I have been a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association and have been an accredited tennis coach with the USPTA for many years. I have also coached in Olympia and the Tacoma area and have helped numerous juniors and adult teams prepare for college and national events.   

Seven years ago, I moved my wife and two boys and took a chance on Tennis Center Sand Point and have enjoyed being a part of this great community. I have coached all levels of juniors from the red ball program to the performance program. A big part of coaching for me is the relationships that are created on the court. I have really enjoyed the bonds created in the huge adult community at TCSP, which some of you here at VRSTC are a part of too. Whether a pure beginner or an advanced adult player, I appreciate being a part of everyone’s journey and helping problem solve their game. 

I am really looking forward to spending the summer months with everyone here at VRSTC and hope that I can provide a great experience to everyone that comes to the programs and lessons. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or feedback at any time to help improve and provide you what you need.  

~ Coach Jeff Rice 


VRSTC’s Adult Tennis Program is open to Members and Non-Members. Whether you’ve never picked up a racquet before or tennis is your racket, tennis is an incredible lifetime sport. Not only does it help in developing balance and coordination, it’s a terrific workout (think toned arms, shoulders, legs, and core muscle groups). All you need is a racquet, and a good pair of tennis shoes (please make sure your shoes don’t leave any marks on the court!). Tennis balls are provided. Coach Jeff will show you a great time on the court.

To register your account with the court reservation system, please click here.

Julia Haussman, Tennis Coordinator Email Julia


Saturday Adult Tennis Clinics are happening this summer! Start date is May 28, 2022. However, we do know that clinics will take place between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.


BEGINNER (8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.): You have limited experience and are working primarily on getting the ball in play. You lack court experience, and your strokes need developing. You are familiar with the basic positions for singles and doubles play. You are learning to judge where the ball is going, although your court coverage is limited. You can sustain a short rally (2-3 shots) of slow pace with other players of the same ability.

INTERMEDIATE (9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.) NTRP 3.0 - 3.5: You have achieved improved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots but need to develop depth and variety. You exhibit more aggressive net play, have improved court coverage and are developing teamwork in doubles. You can sustain a short rally (4-6 shots) of slow to moderate pace with other players of the same ability.

ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE (11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.) NTRP 3.5: You have dependable strokes, including directional control, depth, power, and spin on both forehand and backhand sides on moderate-paced shots. You can use lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys with some success and occasionally force errors when serving. Rallies may be lost due to impatience. Teamwork and aggressive net play in doubles is evident. You can sustain a short rally (6-8 shots) of moderate pace with other players of the same ability.

ADVANCED (12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.) NTRP 3.5 - 4.0+: In addition to the description listed in the 3.5 section you have developed your use of power and spin and can handle pace. You have sound footwork, can control depth of shots, and attempt to vary game plan according to your opponents. You can hit first serves with power and accuracy and place the second serve. You tend to overhit on difficult shots. Teamwork and aggressive net play is common in doubles. You can sustain a short rally (8-10 shots) with pace with other players of the same ability.


      Weekly Themes

  • 5/28 = Topspin Groundstrokes
  • 6/4 = Slice Groundstrokes
  • 6/11 = Doubles Patterns
  • 6/18 = Approach Shots
  • 6/25 = Volley Fundamentals
  • 7/2 = no clinics for July 4th holiday
  • 7/9 = Cardio Tennis
  • 7/16 = Lobs & Overheads
  • 7/23 = Doubles Positioning
  • 7/30 = Doubles Movement
  • 8/6 = Live Ball Day
  • 8/13 = Drops & Lobs
  • 8/20 = Topspin Groundstrokes
  • 8/27 = Slice Groundstrokes

For each clinic, the format will be broken into something like this:

  • 10 minutes warm-up
  • 3-5 minutes welcome in & theme intro
  • 20-25 minutes instructional theme drilling
  • 10 minutes serve warm-ups and 1 tip of the day.
  • 30 minutes of live ball or point play focusing on theme.

**To sign up please call or visit the Office. Payment must be made the day of the clinic at the courts with cash or check, check preferred to help with tracking. Please cancel with 24-hour notice so those on the waitlist may participate.

See you on the Courts!




When you sign up you can sign up for one Saturday clinic at a time or you can sign up for as many clinics in advance as you want but only if you know you'll be attending. Do not sign up and then not attend…you will be charged for that clinic.


Limited to 8 players per court. Players MUST register in the office

The cost per clinic is $27 for members and $32 for non-members.


 We would like to invite all VRSTC adult tennis players (Members Only) to join in the fun of a tennis flight! A tennis flight is competitive doubles play with an 8-game round robin format (switch partners after 8 games) for a total of 24 games. Flights are organized by skill level, and have three seasons: Spring (May-June), Summer (July-August), and Fall (September-October). Plan on contacting flight captains early the month before the flights are to begin. (Spring flights by mid-April, for instance.)  

Please see the Rules and Policies page for rules on flight play.

Skill levels are defined as follows:

  • Level C: Beginner
  • Level B: Intermediate
  • Level A: Advanced

There is no formal tryout; we ask that members use their judgment in placing themselves at the appropriate skill level. Flights are only open to club members. Below is the list of flight organizers. Please contact them and “get in the game”!  

Men's Mixed (A & B) Flights

Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Women's Mixed (A, B, & C) Flights

Wednesday evenings.

Women's A Flights

Thursday and Friday mornings.

Women's B Flights

Tuesday mornings.