Please read the below in it's entirety. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact Help. Interested swimmers must be current BCC members in good standing.

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Q.  HELP! I can't log on to TeamUnify to register; it says my account is not active but I know I have an account.
A.  All accounts are deactivated at the end of the season.  To register for the next season or program, do not log in to TeamUnify to begin. Instead click on the link provided in the open registration email or click on the registration link from the homepage, without logging in.  If you need assistance, contact the registrar at: [email protected]

Q.  What do my registration fees go towards?
A.  In a typical year, registration fees cover 60% of the cost of the program. Program costs include:  coaches salaries, computer/software maintenance, suits, league fees, ribbons, etc.  The remaining 40% is from the very generous fundraising (i.e. Parent Auction, First Chance, Last Chance). In years where we are unable to fundraise, the summer program’s revenue is drastically impacted.  

Q.  Are Fall, Spring and Summer the same?
A.  Fall, Winter, High School Prep and Spring Clinics are Blackhawk Country Club programs and not part of HOX.  Only Summer Swim Team & Summer Mini HOX programs are run by the HOX Board along with the Head Coach.  For questions about Fall, High School Prep and Spring Clinics, please contact the aquatics director at:  [email protected]

Q.  How will I know which practice group my child is in?
A.    For the 2022 season, most swimmers will be assigned based on their age, however, the 7&8 age group will be assigned to either Group 1 or Group 2 depending on their experience and skill level. The Head Coach will contact families as needed if a swimmer needs to be moved ot a different group to better match their needs. Approved registrations receive an approval email from the registrar with practice group information as well as login instructions to TeamUnify.  Once you log in you can look up your child's practice group through your account.  Practice groups are determined by the coaching staff, not the parents or swimmers.  Swimmers must swim in the group that is specified by the coaching staff and not at parent's or swimmer's discretion.  If your registration is not approved, you will receive an email with a request to conduct an in-water observation conducted by the Head Coach.

Q. Why do upcoming meets drop off the website?
A.  While the coaches are working on placing swimmers into events at the meet, the meet is temporarily taken off line in order to work behind the scenes. Once the meet program, relay report and check-in reports are complete, an email is sent to the entire team and the meet is viewable again on the Calendar under "Meets/Events".

Q.  My registration shows "Not Paid" but I registered?
A.  Our TeamUnify system does not link to Blackhawk Country Club accounting.  All registrations, except 15-18's, may show "Not Paid".  Please know, if you receive an approval email from the Registrar with a practice group (not the automated receipt generated by TeamUnify) you are good to go.  

Q.  I have a question about charges on my Blackhawk Country Club statement?
A.  All charges related to the Summer HOX swim team & Summer Mini HOX:  Registration fees, swim festivities, splash fees and HOX apparel should be directed to: [email protected] 

Q.  I hear there is a social media site for HOX, can I join?
A.  The social media site is a private group not owned by the HOX.  It includes current & approved HOX swim team parents and swimmers, coaches and honored alumni.  Current swim families in good standing may request access.  Club membership in good standing, evaluations as needed, and approved swimmer registration are a few conditions that must be met before approval.  Rules of the group require adherence to appropriate social media etiquette and are detailed in registration. The HOX Board reserves the right to remove any member who does not adhere to the social media etiquette.



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