2021 Summer HOX Team


(Registration Now Closed)



2O2ONE HOX Summer Registration

Program Dates:  Monday, March 29 - Friday, July 30


The HOX Swim Team is open to current Blackhawk Country Club (BCC) Swim/Fitness member or above.  Members must be in good standing at the time of registration and for the duration of the program.  Due to continued COVID-19 restrictions, spaces are EXTREMELY limited.

Do not register if you have any COVID related concerns.  





  • 18 & Under Returning Swimmers:  Those who were on the 2020 HOX Swim "Team" and/or participated in 2020 HOX Swim Camps, continue to step 3 below.
  • 2020 Mini HOX Campers:  Swimmers who participated in the 2020 MH Camps may continue to step 3 below.  Please Note:  Head Coach will determine if swimmers should continue as MH, move up to team or be re-evaluated.  
  • New to HOX Team:  Current BCC members with new swimmers to HOX Swim Team - do not register.  Instead, contact Registrar at: [email protected] to set up a mandatory evaluation. Any registrations submitted before this condition is met, will be suspended.  


  • 15-18 Non-Members:  15- 18 year old non-members are eligible to register without a BCC membership.  However, they must have prior swim team experience and will be placed on a waitlist upon registering.  Swimmers would be accommodated on a space available basis after the close of registration.  Should space become available, swimmers will be notified immediately.  When prompted to enter a BCC Membership number, enter "15-18" as your club number.  Do not submit payment until instructed to do so; there are no fees if your child is not accommodated.
  • 14 & Under Non-Members:  Are not eligible to register.  Interested families should:
    • Contact BCC Membership via email at: Nikki Ericksen or by phone at:  925-736-6503. ​  
    • Once you have been approved by BCC and assigned a member number, please contact Registrar at:  HOXWebmaster@gmail.com to set up a mandatory evaluation.​ Should you register prior to completing an observation, your registration will be deleted and you will need to re-register after observation is completed.

Child(ren) must be "Swim Team Ready".  To be swim team ready child must have been on the 2020 Summer HOX Swim Team or attended a 2020 HOX Camp and be able to swim 25 yards of at least one competitive stroke (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke or Butterfly) unassisted.  If you are new to the HOX Swim Team, or unsure if your child is "swim team ready" do not proceed with registration. Instead, contact Registrar at:  [email protected] to set up a mandatory evaluation before registering.



  • Practice groups and overall swim team allotted spots are capped for safety and liability purposes.  Based on COVID restrictions at time of registration opening, approximately 130 spots.
  • All registrations above the allotted amount will be placed on a prioritized waitlist.  
  • Practice groups will follow similar times as in years past:  4:00 - 8:00 PM through June 7, switching to morning practice times on June 8.
  • Practice Groups are determined by the coaches only, and based on age, ability and availability.  You will receive a follow up email with your Practice Group as set by the coaching staff.  If you do not accept the group assigned, you forfeit your spot (No refunds, see section 7 below).
  • All swimmers must practice in the Practice Group set by the coaching staff, no exceptions and swimmers can not ask to be moved.


4.  2021 PRICING
Submitting a registration IS NOT a guarantee of a spot on the HOX Swim Team.  TeamUnify auto-generates a receipt upon registration submission, this is not an approval by the Registrar.  Approval comes in the form of a subsequent email from the Registrar to include your swimmer(s) Practice Group information and next steps.  Early HOX pricing will not be honored after 2/15/21, no exceptions.

* Registrations allowed March 23 - April 1 , 2021 will incur a $50 late fee to standar pricing.  Any registration permitted after April 1, 2021 will incur a $100 late fee in addition to standard pricing; no pro-rating or discounting.  Any late registrations allowed are space permitting and require coach's and registrar's approval.  


Standard Pricing: February 16 - March 22, 2021 

Group Cost 2/15 - 3/22/21*
14 & Under (Members) $ 735
15 - 18 (Members)  FREE
15 - 18 (Non-Members) $ 550


Early HOX Pricing: January 29 - February 15, 2021

Group  Cost Until 2/15/21
14 & Under (Members) 685
15 - 18 (Members)  Free
15 - 18 (Non-Members) 450


Space is extremely limited for 2021.  Registrations received above the allotted amount and any non-member 15-18 registrations will be placed on a prioritized waitlist.  County requirements are adhered to and are in effect to ensure safety.  Should County restrictions ease and additional swimmers accommodated, waitlisted swimmers will be notified immediately. No pro-rating or discounting available for late registrations.


Billing Breakdown:

Register by Date

Member Category

Billing Action

1/28 - 2/15/21

14 & Under (Members)

Early HOX registration fees charged to your BCC member account in two installments.  First installment of $350 per swimmer to appear on March Statement; 2nd installment of $335 per swimmer in April.

1/28 - 3/11/21

15 - 18 (Members)


2/16 - 3/11/21

14 &Under (Members)

Standard HOX registration fees due in full and charged to your BCC Member Account on March. statement.

1/29 - 3/11/21

15-18 (Non-Members)

Standard registration fees paid in full by check, prior to start of season. Instructions for payment will be communicated upon a spot becoming available. Do not submit payment until spot is confirmed.


​6.  SUITS
Team swim suits are required and purchased directly from Making Waves or Swimoutlet - CLICK HERE


Refunds will only be allowed for any swimmer who registers and is not accommodated.  Otherwise, there will be NO refunds for any reason.  If you have any concerns related to COVID-19, do not register.  
Do not register if you do not agree to all terms and/or program pricing.
If the program must be permanently canceled, the HOX Board will consider pro-rating any portion of the program that was not completed.


8.  JOBS
As this is a volunteer driven program, all registered families that have a 14 & under swimmer (does not apply if you only have a 15/18) will be required to work meets.  Number of jobs to be determined when season begins (approximately 8 jobs for 2021).  We will continue to host meets according to the latest County Health Guidelines. Meets may be in person, virtual or an altered version of a "normal" meet.  Should your child be invited to any invitational, you will have a separate sign-up for jobs.  Online Job Signup will return again for the 2021 season.  



  • HOX Team Eligibility Rules:  Require that in order to be considered part of the HOX Swim Team and in order to participate in our VSA league championship meet, swimmers must swim individual events in at least three (3) league meets.  Country restrictions also in effect.
  • VSA Eligibility Rules:  Require that swimmers not exceed 15 hours of in-water clinics and lessons between March 1, 2021 through the start of the swim season. Furthermore, there should be no swimming during the months of January and February (excluding High School Swimmers).  It is the parent's responsibility to ensure their swimmers adhere to these rules. Failure to follow the above rules or exceeding the limit could lead to disqualification, removal from the team and team penalties. 
  • County Eligibility Rules:  Swimmers that wish to participate in the County meet may not participate in more than 15 hours of lessons or clinics through the team, by team coaches or at team facilities (whether in or out of the water) from March 1, 2021 through the start of the swim season, April 1, 2021. Swimmers may not participate in more than 15 hours of lessons or clinics by participating in multiple programs during this period.  Thank you for your assistance in managing to this limit. 

     For a full description of the LMYA/County eligibility rules please Click Here


IMPORTANT:  Submitting a registration is not a guarantee of a spot in the program.  Not all who register will be accommodated due to extreme space limitations for the 2021 season. TeamUnify generates an auto receipt after submitting a registration.  This is not the necessary approval from the Registrar.  Team Registrar will send a follow-up email with Practice Group information and next steps if your swimmer is accommodated.  All registrations above the allotted amount will be placed on a prioritized waitlist.

Ready to register?  All HOX summer TeamUnify (TU) accounts are deactivated each year.  Do not log in to TU to begin registration. Instead, clink on the "Continue or Check Status" button below to begin.  You will be prompted to provide your login credentials. 




Questions? Contact Registrar - [email protected]